Monday, February 16, 2009


For some reason on my way to Saint Louis from Chicago yesterday, there was a stretch where only ONE radio station was working. That radio station, 92.9FM, had a hateful and typically caustic Ann Coulter bitching about the stimulus package. Saying things like "why fund education when our children are dumber than those from Ghana by the time they're twelve" and screaming anti-socialist rhetoric like "they're coming for your doctors, they're coming for your schools, they're coming...they're COMING!" As if socialism is bad. . .look at the Netherlands for a comparison. But that's a different post.

Now the thing that always confuses and astounds me is Ann's desire and ability to draw such a clear line between Republicans and Democrats. The Right and the Left. that's all it is to her...There is no in between. It's "they're repressing us" or "THEY want to destroy the country." Really Ann? REALLY? This is not the way to unite people in a common cause and move the country forward. In fact, it's the type of speech that leads to sociopolitical regression. AAAAAARRRGH! Before Ann speaks, she should really think of some positive resolutions. But, the fact she doesn't think about the consequences of her words will be her downfall.

Anyway, after listening to her (and fuming in my seat) I was left thinking "what did we learn from this?" "What was the point."

The truth is that the only thing we learned is that Ann Coulter is a hater- of everything that doesn't serve her privilege. The point of the show was to get Ann more publicity. The point of the show was to provide Ann with more time to spread her hate. And you know what. . .I'm over that shit.

I think she really needs to step back, evaluate her hate and choose a different route. The time for whining rich white people is over Ann. Sorry! And don't forget to break the news to your Hollywood friends.

And really, all she does is COMPLAIN. If she really cared about what she was talking about she would be out influencing policy. . . on the ground. . .one person at a time. But that would be REAL work.

I pity her.

Okay, had to vent!

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libhom said...

"Ann" is not a name. It is an acronym for Annoying Neocon Narcissist. "Coulter" was added later to make the creature seem human.