Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Better. . .

I read This and feel a little better about Obama. He has added a gay pastor (along with the anti-gay pastor) to his tour to rally support. Nice. At least this move, though clearly a way to cover his ass, is supporting open communication between two sides of an argument. Perhaps more presidential candidates should be supporting discourse?

The HRC had this to say about Obama's campaign. And currently, there is a group of GLBT institutions working together to support open dialogue about GLBT issues.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Can I get a resolution. . .?

With all the trouble in the world- all the conflict and violence, all the loss of truth and justice- I've decided to participate in U.N. -based training in Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution. According to my studies, it seems that conflict arises from a lack of communication and by opening the door of communication, you can peacefully resolve conflicts.


Since I've moved to Amsterdam I've been living with a younger guy from New York. He's a staunch, inexperienced Republican. His use of language and manners can best be described as barbaric, literally- he holds his fork like an ape, has no consideration for my feelings and has repeatedly 'borrowed' food without replacing it. Why are we living together? Simply? Economy. It's a bitch to survive here in Amsterdam on a PhD salary. But with a room mate, it's possible.


When I first moved in with this guy, I thought he was nice. I brought him out to meet my friends and we got to know each other a little. The second time I brought him out with me he let his politics fly. Remember, I'm an anarch0feminist. My friends are equally as 'liberal'- most of them being Dutch, Spanish, etc. My room mate got drunk and really and truly offended my friends. . .which, really was due to his inexperience. He was talking about poverty, etc and my opinion is, unless you have worked with the poor, lived in some sort of poverty, and have had to raise yourself up out of poverty- you cannot talk about poverty! Anyway, this was the beginning of the cold war.

Following this event, he tried to spend time with my friends (without me there as a buffer) to which he received a cold shoulder. They don't have the respect for him that they do for me. Also, during this time, I must say that I never said that I hate my room mate. I don't hate him. I find him inexperienced and a bit selfish and whiny, but I don't hate him.

During the summer I had a friend from Spain stay with us which earned my room mate and I 300 euro each (over two months). Nice. This moved my room mate and I into phase II of the cold war. Spending a lot of time with Ri at gay bars, etc., excluded and isolated my room mate. I definitely felt more isolated from him.

After Ri left for Spain (September); I had my friend Jan come visit followed by my partner. He made plans to go to Greece when my partner was in town so he wouldn't have to deal with our gayness. Strange, but appreciated. We had the apartment to ourselves.

Since the end of September, my room mate and I have been living in the strange sort of silence. . .that is, until Saturday.

I woke up Saturday to:

That bastard! I can't believe he would do that! I hear the rumbling of paper in the kitchen. Mother fucker! What a prick! (etc. etc. etc.)

Lying in my bed, in immense fear, I start thinking of all the possible things I could have done wrong. I knew he was talking about me, but what did I do (thinking about the fact that I swore like that about him last Thursday when he drank my beer without asking)? So, I got up to shower and leave the house- as was my usual reaction to such irrational behavior- unless it's mine.

After my shower and a long internal speech to myself, I realized it was time for me to open up the lines of communication. Conflict avoidance was clearly not working. It was time for some conflict management and resolution!

After my shower, I went to my room mate and began to speak. . .

"I heard you swearing this morning, did I do something to piss you off?

Cue the tumble weeds and sounds of crickets chirping.

Me: Hello? Are you pissed at me?

Him:Uh, well, no man. I washed my passport in with my jeans today and the thing is shredded.

Me, Thinking that it's weird to be talking about yourself in the third person while pissed at yourself: Oh, so you were talking about yourself this morning

Him: No, everything was just a big deal this morning, I'm OK now.

Me: So what did I do to piss you off?

Him: Nothing.

Me: Seeing that he is pissed off even talking to me. Well, if you need to talk about something, please let me know. I can't live in a house with no peace. You have to tell me if things piss you off. If this relationship is going to work out, we need to communicate.

Him: Yeah, good luck with that.

So, I left, went to the center and got drunk with my friends. I really tried to resolve this cold war, hostility building bullshit that's going on at home. The question is:

How can I get a resolution if the other side won't cooperate?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Fires. . .

I've been following the news on the California fires and I'm sending Californians my spiritual support. It has to be difficult to see your life ripped apart by nature. Whether it's a hurricane, a fire, a tornado, or a tsunami, the power of nature can effect lives with non-discriminatory brutality. To the victims of the fire, you have my support. . .

After watching this I realized the victims of these fire are going to need more help than perhaps I can supply them. It seems that Arnold is pissed off and is offering an award for catching the arsonists ($250K in total). Which is fine and dandy if someone actually started the fires! Governments always do this shit in their "Fahrenheit 451" ways. . .if you give people someone to 'chase'- to blame (for the fires)- you'll soon forget you need to focus on fire management and prevention, for example. It was the same for Katrina. They tried to pass the buck in terms of hurricane management but luckily for the people of New Orleans it was too late. The entire U.S. had seen what really happened.

I hope everyone in the U.S. sees the disparity between the way fires in California are managed and the way Katrina was managed.




Begin. . .

Okay, my problem with the video of Arnold is NOT necessarily the desire to "hunt down" arsonists in Fox-based movie sort of way but rather the second part. You know, the part where the Insurance Fraud Team leader gets on screen and starts yelling about "not letting the victims be victimized again."

Suppress laughter.

I hope to god this man wasn't just telling people the insurance companies are the victim in this fire! I also hope he's not telling people with arsonized houses that they won't be getting paid because of 'suspected' arson- which we all know is usually bullshit. Why would he say "the victims shouldn't be victimized twice?"

Oooooh Damn!

People of California, you have my support!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Trade and Immigration

*Posted Previously on the Progressive Puritan*
I've been posting a lot of information regarding Free trade and immigration (among other things). A certain C R MountJoy asked me to post my feelings on the matter of immigration, so here it goes. First, let me say that I am a scientist at heart. A real scientist in the way that I report data and let the reader draw their conclusions. But, alas, this clearly won't do on this issue. So, here it goes:

As many of you know, I oppose free trade because of its Race-to-the-bottom policies that broaden the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have nots.' There has been much disagreement over these policies here in the US and abroad. The question is always: Who benefits from free trade and who suffers at its greedy hands?

The US has become wealthy because of free trade. In fact, a certain study suggest that Free trade induces Race-to-the-Top economics...indicating that US exports have risen 7% in 2005. Interestingly, data show only a 5.5% increase in imports. That could suggest, of course, that money being made on exports is not going into the hands of THE PEOPLE who would increase the percentage of imports. Unfortunately, this study is crap since it was presented by the World Trade Organization and did not include average incomes and average economic status of the WORKING class as indicators of economic strength. In fact, I feel that these indicators were intentionally left out of the study.

So, free-market economies are bad for the working class, both physically and economically. Duh!

Example (1): Physical effects of Free trade.MMT (methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl) in Canada. The US-Based Ethyl Corporation uses manganese-based oil refining technology to produce fuel. The refiniery is now in Canada due to NAFTA. MMT is considered a very potent toxin in Canada and because of this, Canada made an environmental law banning MMT (1997). Ethyl corporation, though aware of the toxic effects of MMT in gasoline, decided that Canada's law would get in the way of their profits. Ethyl then sued Canada for 251 million dollars, AND WON. Thus putting the ECONOMICS of corporate profits over the benefits of the people. FREE TRADE HURTS THE WORKING POOR!

Example (2): Economic effects of Free trade.Trade liberalization has had a major impact on Mexican agriculture, and specifically on corn farming. Since many of the poorest people in Mexico engage in corn production,
it serves as a barometer for the condition of the most marginalized groups in Mexican society. After ten years of NAFTA, results show that the poorest have fared exceptionally badly. In asking what went wrong, it is important to note that not all of the increase in rural poverty can be attributed to membership in NAFTA. NAFTA is part of a wider constellation of policies and policy changes that affect the rural poor. Mexican trade liberalization was accompanied by national policy revisions that did away with government support programs and, instead, focused on increasing export led-growth. (Sound familiar Americans?) The liberation of trade again, puts the profits before people and plays a major role in immigration issues.

Stories from campesinos in Mexico indicate the economic market being flooded with rock-bottom priced corn. Corn from the US. The corn prices then require those living in Mexico to sell their corn at even lower prices to compete. Of course, this increases poverty in Mexico since the majority of working poor are campesinos.

So, these are some examples of how Free trade has impacted the world in which we live. Perhaps the effects of Trade liberalization and globalization are indecipherable. Perhaps it's too difficult to make the connections between trade and immigration, so I will make them for you.

(1) why does immigration occur? Immigration occurs because people want opportunity. People want something better for themselves and for their families. If I was forced in to maquiladoras (sweat-shops) to make a piss poor living for my family, I would hike my ass to a better country, wouldn't you?

(2) Does trade liberalization impoverish illegal immigrants in their home countries? Simply, YES. Trade liberalization allows corporations to set up shop in foreign countries, export goods cheaply (yes, CHEAPLY) and pay working citizens very little per hour. (i.e. Delphi Corp. in border town opposite El Paso pays worker $1.09/hour). If Delphi payed US wages to working Mexicans in their home country, that is, if they really cared about ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE WORLD, and NOT THEMSELVES, we could cut back on illegal immigration. Is it reasonable to expect that those entities that have so readily taken the voice and place of the people be responsible for maintaining the welfare of the people in the world? Again, Yes. They take and take but never give back. It's time to give back corporate entities.

Again, this is just a brief overview of how I feel. I hate typing everything I think. But I hope you get the idea. So, where does your Infuriated Faggot stand on the issue of immigration?

(1) The Anarchafeminist in me wants borders destroyed. If we want globalization, let's fucking globalize this shit. Make everyone citizens of the World. Of course, globalization is only meant for the wealthy, right?

Fuck. . .

that. . .


If you don't want globalization, fight trade liberization and help decrease the numbers of illegal immigrants in a way that affirms your humanity!

(2) Since the American government would never allow global citizenship, I suggest we reform the system. It's time we allow nationals more benefits. The 'illegals' living here now would be declared US Nationals. US Nationals, upon registration, would pay taxes, reap the benefits of sending their children to GOOD SCHOOLS (oh yes, if you want legal immigration you must pay for the benefits- hell we need good schools for non-immigrants; maybe they can help relieve some of the tax burden?), be paid LIVING WAGES and be granted citizenship in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable cost! No mass deportations, no felon charges, and my fellow Americans, NO BURNING FLAGS!

(3) Cease trade liberalization. Illegal immigrants are not taking your jobs! Corporations aren't offering you jobs! There's a difference. Corporations see American wages as a threat to their profits. Corporations do not care about WORKING CLASS citizens. They will offer jobs to someone who can do it for $1.09 a day...right Delphi?

Trade liberalization fuels this "GET THE BEST DEAL" know it if you've vacationed in Mexico. Loud mouther Americans pissed off because their ALL INCLUSIVE hotel doesn't allow them 15 meals a day! Ugh. YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU WANT! AND PAY FAIRLY! (that's an important concept here too...FAIR trade does not want to inhibit trade, but wants tan equal exchange of services and goods that is in the best interest of both parties).

Stopping trade liberalization would open up more jobs for Americans by inhibiting illegal immigration and FORCE CORPORATIONS TO PAY A DECENT WAGE! (which hasn't gone up since 1997...$5.15/hour!)

(4) Congress must increase the living wage. How dare the US Congress pay themselves buckets-o-cash and not pay American workers a living wage.


Anyway, there is my brief, but long, analysis and list of solutions.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Code Pink and Condi!

I have to tell everyone how proud I am of Code Pink! for going into Congress and speaking a little Truth to the otherwise Deaf "but following orders" Ms. Condi Rice.

Rock on women!

Economy taboo. . .protecting those with more resources than you!

A taboo is a strong social prohibition (or ban) relating to any area of human activity or social custom declared as sacred and forbidden; breaking of the taboo is usually considered objectionable or abhorrent by society.

If there is one thing I can appreciate about the blogging community it would have to be the openness. The seemingly unrestricted discourse that helps shape new thoughts and ideas into theory and action. This, to me, is the first and most important step in revolution. Everyone knows that you must first be able to discuss the problems of the world before you begin to fix them. My post today revolves around those institutions and concepts that are protected from scrutiny. Those concepts that use Taboo to protect them.



First, what institutions/concepts are protected by taboo? A major institution that immediately pops into my head is religion. Others include sex, politics, economy as well as. . . free speech.

Free speech?

Yes, free speech

Emma Goldman said it back in the day. . .

"The most unpardonable sin in society is independence of thought."

Those who think or go 'against the grain' are breaking the Taboo of free thought thereby making people uncomfortable and thus being persecuted for doing so.

Hmmm. . .

What's that smell?

Aaaah yes. . . the resounding fragrance of Bullshit!!

Today I want to talk about economy as a taboo. I was raised, and I know many people were raised, to not talk about their finances. Live this secret life of personal economy and 'take care of your shit.' Well, our personal economy seems to be failing! By not talking about personal economy we prevent education and community solidarity (a.k.a. help when you're broke) and thereby decrease the competency of personal economy.


Also, by staying quiet about our personal economies we aren't challenging those that have access to more resources. I think that by talking about personal economies, we have the opportunity to evaluate where the resources have been, where they are, and where they are going! Very important!

Why am I talking about this today? Well, a friend of mine and I are forming a social justice group here in Amsterdam. Really, there are so few non-governmental social justice groups here that we felt like it's time to start a real one- free of bullshit. The group name will be revealed after everything is ironed out logistically (so far, we have a group name, mission statement and statutes but nothing secure). The group revolves around the current economical crisis in Amsterdam (as well as in other countries). I really think we need to discuss personal and national/international economies in order to destruct economical stratification. So, let's try it! Woot Woot!

Hear that?

Thank you. . .

I'd like to take a moment to "Thank" the visitor who made it to my blog by typing "McClurkin is a Faggot" on Google. Thank you! Welcome to my Blog!


Zeitgeist: Spirit of the Time!

I don't know how many of you have seen this movie yet, but I highly recommend it.

Watch Zeitgeist here (1hour, 56 min).


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The spirit of Che. . .

Back when I lived in St. Louis, I met some really cool people. A certain AngryBlackBitch gave your infuriated faggot a nickname (Che) that when coupled with my mentor-given nickname (Hammer) yields "HammerChe." For about two years I've been using this nickname in all of my political dealings and until moving to Amsterdam I've been proud (perhaps naively) of the second part of my "nick."

So, what's the issue?

Well, I have to be honest, everywhere I look I see Ernesto's face and it's starting to piss me off. I really wonder how many of these people know Ernesto. It seems like they're interested in 'looking' counter-culture revolutionaries without really putting in the effort of thinking or know anything. I know this sounds harsh but you have to think about where I'm living as well. Amsterdam is full of pseudo-intellectual pot-smoking counter culture wannabes that talk about drugs all day. So, to see them wearing Che-gear is kind of ridiculous, right?



Dismout soapbox

So, here's some brief education for you Che-wearin' yet history lackin' fools out there talkin' revolution without thinkin'!!

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara
Brief Points
Marxist/Socialist revolutionary.

If you want to read recently de-classified U.S. government info on Che go here.

Now I know some of you think you are doing good by purchasing these shirts, hats, bags, etc. But, personally, I think you are helping defuse potential revolution (as Che is a strong revolutionary symbol). If you 'believe' in what Che stood for, go out and be active DON'T GO BUY A SHIRT- a shirt that was probably made in S. and C. American sweatshops! That's just crazy!!

Remember people, the spirit of Che and the spirit of revolution can NOT be captured on a T-shirt.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Obama and McClurkin. . .

Okay, I’m not living in the U.S. currently but I have to say that I love following political affairs of the States. Today I received word that Obama is beginning his cross-country campaign with Pastor Donnie McClurkin to gather the Southern, Black, Conservative vote.


Those of you who don’t know, Donnie McClurkin is an ex-gay gospel singer who believes he was thrust into Gaydom via molestation. I just hope he isn't using molestation to escape from accepting the responsibility of having an alternative lifestyle!



If he feels this way about his life I’m glad he found the inner strength to change his path. Good for him. However, do NOT bring your childhood drama into our communities trying to force EVERYONE to change back to “straight”. That’s just ridiculous and frankly, a waste of time!!!

I have some questions for Mr. McClurkin. . . you know, since he is off to convert the gay children of the world into straights. . .

(1) What percentage of gay men are molested to ‘make’ them gay?

(2) What percentage of gay men molest boys and girls (I’ve heard that 37% of gay men have sex with girls and boys under the age of 17)?

(3) Do the girls molested by men grow up to be lesbians or is it that gay molestation makes gayness?

Frankly, I don’t buy Mr. McClurkin’s explanation for gayness in general-though I do believe this may be true for him. What infuriates me is that he is spreading his story making his personal drama the problem of a complete community-trying to convert a community!

What also freaks me out a bit is Obama’s sell out. He’s traveling with McClurkin to rally support for his election even though he fully understands what McClurkin stands for (though, after reading his website, I think McClurkin’s real interest is in becoming a famous singer). Does Obama, if elected, wish to continue the anti-gay sentiment oozing- like a bad case of gonorrhea- from the world-fucking cock that is White House? Or, is he trying to be like Hillary C. and sell out his people (as fast as he can) for personal gain?




Now I understand why people are so interested in Stephen Colbert as president!

Another thought. . .

Now that I think about it, Obama and McClurkin have a lot in common. . .they are both willing to sell out their people to make some money- Obama for his election and McClurkin for his Music Career!


I hope I didn’t get any of the bullshit on me!


Throughout my life I've always related more to women. They're easier to talk to. They offer insight into life (being the bearers of it all) and they help me focus my emotions into positivity. So, it's no wonder that I am a self-described Anarchafeminist.

I have been posting to a wonderful anarchafeminist message board on Yahoo! for a few years and have considered myself a student of anarchy for quite some time (which many of you may think is a waste of time). Today, I'd like to talk about power struggle and the Anarchafeminist's position within the struggle. (Hopefully this won't be too dry for all of you wonderful people out in blogland)! I received most of my training in anarchafeminism by having discussions with other anarchafeminists and working for the struggles brought about by biology-based differences (i.e. sex, sexual identities and race).

First, let me tell you why I think it's important to understand anarchafeminism and the issues it attempts to resolve. The biggest issue to me, pre-dating the time of Emma Goldman, is still unresolved today; the right of women to choose their reproductive agendas.

Emma Goldman was imprisoned in 1916 for handing out literature describing birth control for women. Now, for all of you pro-lifers out there, this is what Emma Goldman had to say about Abortion:

"The custom of procuring abortions has reached such appalling proportions in America as to be beyond belief...So great is the misery of the working classes that seventeen abortions are committed in every one hundred pregnancies."

Yet, she was jailed because of handing out literature on contraception. What an interesting power dynamic we have here, no? The removal of knowledge (which, of course is POWER) to force someone into chosing what the empowered envision as proper! Also, note the later half of Emma's comment. "So great is the misery. . ." Here we have two groups in America. Pro-Life and Pro-Choice working for their respective causes. However, the real issue is not whether one group supports life over death (as many pro-lifers would have you believe) but rather an issue of class. Briefly, there are (many) societal factors that contribute to the need for an abortion and many factors lead up to the point in a woman's life where an abortion is necessary. By resolving the disparities (i.e. education, access to other resources) between men and women, blacks and whites, haves and have nots we could resolve the necessity that is abortion.


Here are my four reasons for studying anarchafeminism?

1) Reproductive rights issues. as a man identified as having a non-traditional sexual identity I find reproductive freedom to be a very important issue. I think anyone dealing with sexualities needs to understand reproductive rights and reproductive freedom. I also believe that reproductive freedom, real reproductive freedom, requires a lane change in the road down which we're heading

2) Deconstruction of biology-based social institutions (i.e. masculinity v. femininity; gender struggles, queer issues). Women and Men have been separated in sociology based on biology for a very long time. As an anarchafeminist I think it's important to make sure that biological differences (sex; male/female) do not translate into gender (social; masculinity/femininity) differences. Of course, this has been the case for centuries. The question is, how do we ameliorate this effect? It cannot be ameliorated by putting women into power. Anarchafeminism suggests that by putting women in power, we are in fact NOT abolishing biology-based oppression. It is in the cooperation among men and women with institutions being created by and for both men and women, that oppression based on sex can be ameliorated. You see where the anarchy part comes in here. Anarchists do not want violent destruction of social institutions (though I personally know of no peaceful revolution) but rather to use different, unique mechanisms to counter current institutions.

Whew. . .

This is a long assed list. . .

3) Deconstruction of power dynamics and learning how to equally distribute power. I spoke of Emma's comments regarding birth control and abortion. The idea that knowledge can be withheld in order to maintain the absolute power of one man while enslaving those that are ignorant is something we cannot tolerate. Anarchafeminists work for the distribution of knowledge and support the use of that knowledge to deconstruct the power that has been hijacked. By re-distributing Truth, we empower our brothers and sisters to challenge institutions that seek to oppress them.

4) Deconstruction of oppression. The 'double' oppression of women demands a double fight and double organizing: on the one hand in feminist federations, on the other hand in the organizations of anarchists. The anarchafeminists form a junction in this double organizing.

An essential point in anarchafeminism is that the changes must begin today, not tomorrow or after the revolution. The revolution shall be permanent. We must start today by seeing through the oppression in the daily life and do something to break the pattern here and now.

We must act autonomously, without delegating to any leaders the right to decide what we wish and what we shall do: we must make decisions all by ourselves in personal matters, together with women in pure female matters, and together with the male fellows in common matters.

A serious anarchism must also be feminist otherwise it is a question of patriarchal half-anarchism and not real anarchism. It is the task of the anarcha-feminists to secure the feminist feature in anarchism. There will be no anarchism without feminism.

No feminism, no anarchy. No females, no life. Same principle. I think the important thing to mention is that there have been some fairly decent advances in civil/human/women's rights in America. I think that we shouldn't forget them. I think anarchafeminists make sure we don't forget about the progress that has been made (while questioning why the progress had to be made in the first place).

That's what always gets me. Why is the power struggle (whether it's between men and women, or Nation and State) even an issue? Why do we have differences in power distribution? As if these differences were forged in the stars, religion, biology or any other bullshit. There is no need for inequality. There is no need for unequal power distribution. Ugh, frustration! Let's get over it people!

Movin' on and up!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Violate Intellectual Property Rights. . .

As many of you know, I despise Intellectual Property. I think that if you have an idea, cure, concept, solution, artistic vision or anything else of this nature, you MUST SHARE it, FREE OF CHARGE. In fact, if you prescribe to the notion of collective conscience, you realize that it is UNETHICAL to restrict use of ideas, thoughts and solutions, let alone sell them.

Once "your" thoughts/ideas/concepts are out there, you pretty much have to accept the fact that they will be experienced and altered to enhance use and understanding...

Why am I writing about this? Well, This story talks about a French teen who will likely be facing charges because he translated the latest Harry Potter book and posted it on the internet. He basically made J.K. Rowlings' work more accessible to the world free of charge and now he's in trouble. I think this story can show how the use of Intellectual property keeps knowledge (amongst other things) for those that can afford or understand it thus keeping certain groups of people below the level of others who have access to intellectual property.

It's disgusting. Intellectual property- which in the US usually comes by stealing from those with less power (i.e. drug cures stolen from S. American countries via CAFTA)- keeps the world from collectively moving forward. If we have collective ideas and experiences, one person should not take the ideas and experiences and sell them back to the people that helped make them! It stops the world from progressing as a whole and limits knowledge and experience to those who can afford to partake (I won't even go into the racial issues here, but, please, KNOW THEY'RE THERE). Ick!!!!

I say we all need to violate intellectual property laws. I'd love to be in prison for spreading knowledge, free of Charge! So, go out, steal a book translate it for the world.

Fight the caging of knowledge and power...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Music Break. . .Woman Nation

For time to time I need a break from the bullshit of politics. Don't get me wrong, I love politics. In fact, I've recently completed a course in Conflict Management from the Unites States Institute for Peace and am now starting two online classes with the U.N. Institute for Training and Research in the hope of becoming more politically focused. However, if you couple my political training with my Dutch classes and full time work as a PhD student at the AMC here in Amsterdam you'll see I'm officially over-worked. Granted, I signed up for these classes myself-I want to keep learning- but still, they take their toll.

With all of that said, I need a music break. Something that I identify with. . .



Ah yes. . . my mentor Jolie

Before Jolie died of Ovarian Cancer in 2005 she wrote a song called Woman Nation relating the relationship between America "State" and America "Nation" to a situation of Domestic Violence. Unfortunately, Jolie never had the chance to record it. Luckily, another brilliant artist and friend of Jolie Colleen Kattau recorded it and has been performing it for the past couple of years. Here are the lyrics.

Woman Nation
By Jolie Christine Rickman
(sung by Colleen Kattau)

Woman, he treats your body mean x2
He likes to knock you in your chest
Slap you in the face
He’s kicking ‘round your children
And he’s messin’ up your place
Woman, He treats your body mean.

Woman, he ‘s the worst he’s ever been x2
He likes to dress you up in lies
And strip you of your will
He’ll send you to the hospital and
Stick you with the bill
Woman he’s the worst he’s ever been.

Woman, to thy own self to be true
Woman, the decisions up to you
If he protects and he feeds and he cares about you
Why is your sweet soft skin
Turning Red and Black and Blue?
Woman, the decision’s up to you.

Now some people don’t think
I’m talkin’ about them
Some are self-lovin’ women
Some are peaceful lovin’ men
But see my Woman’s name is Nation
My man’s name is State
Let me tell you lady nation
You’ve potential to be great
But see your man is a peace-hatin’
Muscle-bound salivatin’
Only into money makin’
Never bringin’ home the bacon
Taco Bell
Cheap Date
Gamble away your children’s fate
Shock and awe
Space invader
Missile dick

Nation, he treats your body mean x2
He likes to knock you off your picket line
And choke you of your breath
He’ll be pounding on your eardrums
Until your truth goes deaf
Nation, He treats your body mean.
Nation, he’s the worst he’s ever been.
He says the only road to peace
Is the one that leads to war
And he’s countin’ on us women
To be mopping up the floor.
Nation, he’s the worst he’s ever been

Nation, to thy own self to be true
Nation, the decision's up to you
If he protects us and he feeds us
And he cares about me and you
Why are our rainbow colors
turnin’ red and black and blue

Aaah. Music Break!

Now I realize why I've always identified with women. Their struggle is my struggle!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Goodness, Gracious, Great Wall of China!

Now I have another reason to despise fashion.

A faggot read this blog and was amazed! It seems that Fendi (Italian fashion designer brand) staged a fashion show on the Great Wall of China.



China and Fendi?


The marriage seems perfect. Both Fendi and China are aimed at huge economical growth. In fact, since the late 1980s, China's GDP has nearly quadrupled
and it seems Fendi is capable of producing those results in much less time. Fendi, in 2006, made a 350million Euro profit and planned to double that by 2008. Meanwhile, there is still no food for the poor.

So, with economical bullshit aside, I'd like to know what the point is of staging a fashion show on the Great Wall of China. My possible explanation for such ridiculous behavior is (a) Fendi thinks they are 'tearing down borders' between the East and West with their fashion-which is really amazing. . . does fashion have that much power?, (b) Fendi, in the light of World War III, finds Fashion much more important or (c) Fendi wanted to prove that with enough money, you can do whatever you want on whatever pieces of should-be-preserved history you want.


I really cannot believe that Fendi and China had the audacity to let something like this take place (though I hear China put up a 1 year struggle against the event).


I wonder how much they sold out for?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rough Trade: Not Just for the Gays

Within the realm of gay society there are quite a few things that infuriate me. The most annoying is the breakdown of gay men and women into subtypes. You know, "the butch girl," "the queeny boy." Because of these stereotypes we have subdivided our culture and segregated our force as a community. Because of the stereotypes we have created false concepts of what is attractive. Of course, one manifestation of this cultural breakdown is the evolution of the term rough trade. For those of you who don't know, rough trade is basically the term used to describe a man whose physicality and refinement (or lack there of) make him sexually appealing to more 'upper class' fags. Basically, it breaks down into that porno you saw the other night. . .


A gay, wealthy and well-dressed business man drives into a garage in need of repairs on his new beamer. The mechanic: straight-but-curious, greasified, dirty and a little stupid in overalls with no shirt turns to the business man gives him a 'wink' and assures him that he has the right 'equipment' for the job. The gay man, watches as the 'rough trade' begins to work on his car becoming increasingly excited. The straight mechanic turns, notices the erection beneath the business man's suit and then. . . starts to 'service' the business man's "hot rod." The mechanic and businessman leave each other after a great 20 min. fuck session. The mechanic is pleased because he has taken it up the 'tail pipe' for the first time, eliminating his curiosity; the businessman equally pleased because he has conquered the 'rough trade' adding to his list of conquests.

Got the idea? Rough trade. Accepted. Based on social class-isms within the gay community. Unfair, unjust, and a waste of time.

Unfortunately, I've noticed that Rough Trade does not only apply to the gay community. It seems that this concept applies to what's happening on a global scale with the passing of each "Free" Trade agreement.

Basically, repeat the same scene as above but instead of a mechanic, use a second or third world country.

The wealthy businessman (for example, the U.S.) is looking around and finds tattered countries with scrappy exteriors that are curious as to what it would be like to live in a first world situation. Eager to learn and participate, the tattered countries bow down and service the needs of the first world. Unfortunately, in this situation, after taking it 'up the ass' the tattered country of the day will not leave fulfilled. They are generally left with increased amounts of poverty, unemployment and pollution. After all, the purpose of Free Trade Agreements is to shift the focus from People to Profit.

This happened in Canada (probably the most popular example) with the Ethyl corporation (an oil refining company) and methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT; a neurotoxin). The story goes like this. The Ethyl Corporation (the company that created LEADED gasoline) while refining oil in Canada released a shit-load of poison into the Canadian environment. Canada, realizing that MMT is not healthy decided to ban MMT as a refining byproduct. This of course, got in the way of Ethyl's profits.

So, what happened? Nothing!

You see, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) says that anyone or any GOVERNMENT that tries to stand in the way of Corporate profits is subject to legal action. So, Canada, having forced down MMT production, was taken to court by Ethyl. That's right, the Canadian government was trying to protect it's environment and people, and Ethyl was able to sue them. So, Ethyl took Canada to court for $251 million dollars, and WON! Canada apparently slandered Ethyl's "clean" name and caused them profit loss by banning MMT. Now, Ethyl Corp. is $251 million dollars richer and MMT is produced in Canada.

Whether it's the businessman or wealthy international corporations getting serviced, one thing is clear. . .Rough Trade is NOT just for the Gays!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my new Blog!

I've been blogging as Progressive Puritan for more than two years now and have decided to rejoin the blog community today as a newly evolved self. I want to share my thoughts and feelings on the things that matter most to me- social issues! I want to use this blog to vent my frustrations as well as provoke my readers (and myself) to think on a deeper level about the day-to-day social structures that dictate our lives. I want to discuss peeling away constructs that keep us from living peaceful, productive and meaningful lives.

Why the title?

Well, to be honest, I'm a faggot and have been all my life. I've been in a committed relationship for about 7 years now with my loving partner. Also, I'm infuriated at the current global and local socioeconomic and political situations. So, put the two together and there you have it...the Infuriated Faggot.

I hope you enjoy the blog and please participate!