Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Obama and McClurkin. . .

Okay, I’m not living in the U.S. currently but I have to say that I love following political affairs of the States. Today I received word that Obama is beginning his cross-country campaign with Pastor Donnie McClurkin to gather the Southern, Black, Conservative vote.


Those of you who don’t know, Donnie McClurkin is an ex-gay gospel singer who believes he was thrust into Gaydom via molestation. I just hope he isn't using molestation to escape from accepting the responsibility of having an alternative lifestyle!



If he feels this way about his life I’m glad he found the inner strength to change his path. Good for him. However, do NOT bring your childhood drama into our communities trying to force EVERYONE to change back to “straight”. That’s just ridiculous and frankly, a waste of time!!!

I have some questions for Mr. McClurkin. . . you know, since he is off to convert the gay children of the world into straights. . .

(1) What percentage of gay men are molested to ‘make’ them gay?

(2) What percentage of gay men molest boys and girls (I’ve heard that 37% of gay men have sex with girls and boys under the age of 17)?

(3) Do the girls molested by men grow up to be lesbians or is it that gay molestation makes gayness?

Frankly, I don’t buy Mr. McClurkin’s explanation for gayness in general-though I do believe this may be true for him. What infuriates me is that he is spreading his story making his personal drama the problem of a complete community-trying to convert a community!

What also freaks me out a bit is Obama’s sell out. He’s traveling with McClurkin to rally support for his election even though he fully understands what McClurkin stands for (though, after reading his website, I think McClurkin’s real interest is in becoming a famous singer). Does Obama, if elected, wish to continue the anti-gay sentiment oozing- like a bad case of gonorrhea- from the world-fucking cock that is White House? Or, is he trying to be like Hillary C. and sell out his people (as fast as he can) for personal gain?




Now I understand why people are so interested in Stephen Colbert as president!

Another thought. . .

Now that I think about it, Obama and McClurkin have a lot in common. . .they are both willing to sell out their people to make some money- Obama for his election and McClurkin for his Music Career!


I hope I didn’t get any of the bullshit on me!

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