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Trade and Immigration

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I've been posting a lot of information regarding Free trade and immigration (among other things). A certain C R MountJoy asked me to post my feelings on the matter of immigration, so here it goes. First, let me say that I am a scientist at heart. A real scientist in the way that I report data and let the reader draw their conclusions. But, alas, this clearly won't do on this issue. So, here it goes:

As many of you know, I oppose free trade because of its Race-to-the-bottom policies that broaden the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have nots.' There has been much disagreement over these policies here in the US and abroad. The question is always: Who benefits from free trade and who suffers at its greedy hands?

The US has become wealthy because of free trade. In fact, a certain study suggest that Free trade induces Race-to-the-Top economics...indicating that US exports have risen 7% in 2005. Interestingly, data show only a 5.5% increase in imports. That could suggest, of course, that money being made on exports is not going into the hands of THE PEOPLE who would increase the percentage of imports. Unfortunately, this study is crap since it was presented by the World Trade Organization and did not include average incomes and average economic status of the WORKING class as indicators of economic strength. In fact, I feel that these indicators were intentionally left out of the study.

So, free-market economies are bad for the working class, both physically and economically. Duh!

Example (1): Physical effects of Free trade.MMT (methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl) in Canada. The US-Based Ethyl Corporation uses manganese-based oil refining technology to produce fuel. The refiniery is now in Canada due to NAFTA. MMT is considered a very potent toxin in Canada and because of this, Canada made an environmental law banning MMT (1997). Ethyl corporation, though aware of the toxic effects of MMT in gasoline, decided that Canada's law would get in the way of their profits. Ethyl then sued Canada for 251 million dollars, AND WON. Thus putting the ECONOMICS of corporate profits over the benefits of the people. FREE TRADE HURTS THE WORKING POOR!

Example (2): Economic effects of Free trade.Trade liberalization has had a major impact on Mexican agriculture, and specifically on corn farming. Since many of the poorest people in Mexico engage in corn production,
it serves as a barometer for the condition of the most marginalized groups in Mexican society. After ten years of NAFTA, results show that the poorest have fared exceptionally badly. In asking what went wrong, it is important to note that not all of the increase in rural poverty can be attributed to membership in NAFTA. NAFTA is part of a wider constellation of policies and policy changes that affect the rural poor. Mexican trade liberalization was accompanied by national policy revisions that did away with government support programs and, instead, focused on increasing export led-growth. (Sound familiar Americans?) The liberation of trade again, puts the profits before people and plays a major role in immigration issues.

Stories from campesinos in Mexico indicate the economic market being flooded with rock-bottom priced corn. Corn from the US. The corn prices then require those living in Mexico to sell their corn at even lower prices to compete. Of course, this increases poverty in Mexico since the majority of working poor are campesinos.

So, these are some examples of how Free trade has impacted the world in which we live. Perhaps the effects of Trade liberalization and globalization are indecipherable. Perhaps it's too difficult to make the connections between trade and immigration, so I will make them for you.

(1) why does immigration occur? Immigration occurs because people want opportunity. People want something better for themselves and for their families. If I was forced in to maquiladoras (sweat-shops) to make a piss poor living for my family, I would hike my ass to a better country, wouldn't you?

(2) Does trade liberalization impoverish illegal immigrants in their home countries? Simply, YES. Trade liberalization allows corporations to set up shop in foreign countries, export goods cheaply (yes, CHEAPLY) and pay working citizens very little per hour. (i.e. Delphi Corp. in border town opposite El Paso pays worker $1.09/hour). If Delphi payed US wages to working Mexicans in their home country, that is, if they really cared about ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE WORLD, and NOT THEMSELVES, we could cut back on illegal immigration. Is it reasonable to expect that those entities that have so readily taken the voice and place of the people be responsible for maintaining the welfare of the people in the world? Again, Yes. They take and take but never give back. It's time to give back corporate entities.

Again, this is just a brief overview of how I feel. I hate typing everything I think. But I hope you get the idea. So, where does your Infuriated Faggot stand on the issue of immigration?

(1) The Anarchafeminist in me wants borders destroyed. If we want globalization, let's fucking globalize this shit. Make everyone citizens of the World. Of course, globalization is only meant for the wealthy, right?

Fuck. . .

that. . .


If you don't want globalization, fight trade liberization and help decrease the numbers of illegal immigrants in a way that affirms your humanity!

(2) Since the American government would never allow global citizenship, I suggest we reform the system. It's time we allow nationals more benefits. The 'illegals' living here now would be declared US Nationals. US Nationals, upon registration, would pay taxes, reap the benefits of sending their children to GOOD SCHOOLS (oh yes, if you want legal immigration you must pay for the benefits- hell we need good schools for non-immigrants; maybe they can help relieve some of the tax burden?), be paid LIVING WAGES and be granted citizenship in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable cost! No mass deportations, no felon charges, and my fellow Americans, NO BURNING FLAGS!

(3) Cease trade liberalization. Illegal immigrants are not taking your jobs! Corporations aren't offering you jobs! There's a difference. Corporations see American wages as a threat to their profits. Corporations do not care about WORKING CLASS citizens. They will offer jobs to someone who can do it for $1.09 a day...right Delphi?

Trade liberalization fuels this "GET THE BEST DEAL" know it if you've vacationed in Mexico. Loud mouther Americans pissed off because their ALL INCLUSIVE hotel doesn't allow them 15 meals a day! Ugh. YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU WANT! AND PAY FAIRLY! (that's an important concept here too...FAIR trade does not want to inhibit trade, but wants tan equal exchange of services and goods that is in the best interest of both parties).

Stopping trade liberalization would open up more jobs for Americans by inhibiting illegal immigration and FORCE CORPORATIONS TO PAY A DECENT WAGE! (which hasn't gone up since 1997...$5.15/hour!)

(4) Congress must increase the living wage. How dare the US Congress pay themselves buckets-o-cash and not pay American workers a living wage.


Anyway, there is my brief, but long, analysis and list of solutions.

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