Monday, October 29, 2007

Fires. . .

I've been following the news on the California fires and I'm sending Californians my spiritual support. It has to be difficult to see your life ripped apart by nature. Whether it's a hurricane, a fire, a tornado, or a tsunami, the power of nature can effect lives with non-discriminatory brutality. To the victims of the fire, you have my support. . .

After watching this I realized the victims of these fire are going to need more help than perhaps I can supply them. It seems that Arnold is pissed off and is offering an award for catching the arsonists ($250K in total). Which is fine and dandy if someone actually started the fires! Governments always do this shit in their "Fahrenheit 451" ways. . .if you give people someone to 'chase'- to blame (for the fires)- you'll soon forget you need to focus on fire management and prevention, for example. It was the same for Katrina. They tried to pass the buck in terms of hurricane management but luckily for the people of New Orleans it was too late. The entire U.S. had seen what really happened.

I hope everyone in the U.S. sees the disparity between the way fires in California are managed and the way Katrina was managed.




Begin. . .

Okay, my problem with the video of Arnold is NOT necessarily the desire to "hunt down" arsonists in Fox-based movie sort of way but rather the second part. You know, the part where the Insurance Fraud Team leader gets on screen and starts yelling about "not letting the victims be victimized again."

Suppress laughter.

I hope to god this man wasn't just telling people the insurance companies are the victim in this fire! I also hope he's not telling people with arsonized houses that they won't be getting paid because of 'suspected' arson- which we all know is usually bullshit. Why would he say "the victims shouldn't be victimized twice?"

Oooooh Damn!

People of California, you have my support!

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