Monday, December 29, 2008

Obama's Repair List (Part I)

Leading up to Obama's Inauguration, I decided to put together what I think is Obama's Repair List (in priority order)...I'll update this regularly as needed...your input also helps!

To Do:

(1) The Economy. I'd like to see some long-term repairs here, but Obama is just going to put some gum on the hole in the leaky pipe that is the Economy. Borrowing another $850B to fix lending problems is stupid. Plain and Simple. Bailing out more companies that are going to fire workers isn't going to help. Also, creating infrastructure jobs is nice, but when you spend $750B + $850B ($1.6 trillion) to bail out asshole companies, there is very LITTLE to spend on INFRASTRUCTURE!

(2) Afghanistan/Iraq. Obama is going to refocus troops into Afghanistan (30,000-50,000 taken from Iraq and transplanted into Afghanistan). Ending the Iraq war would be awesome...but we'll always have a police presence there. As far as Afghanistan...don't be stupid Obama. Everyone knows Osama is in need to talk to Christiane Amanpour...NOW!

(3) Israel and Hamas. Not sure what Obama's stance is on Israel. I know that during the election, he was all about giving more support to Israel. But what about when they become a terrorist state, using EXCESSIVE force to wipe out a people that have just as much right to occupy space as they do...Hmmm. That's a tough one. Lebanon and Syria have also said they are no longer going to talk peacefully with Israel. These destabilizing actions should have Obama ready to chastise Israel...but that won't likely happen.

(4) The Environment. Obama is going to make companies vie for and buy the right to pollute. That is, carbon emissions will come with a price. Of course, this doesn't stop companies from polluting. The big companies will simply buy the rights to pollute from small companies and effectively drive these small companies out of business...unless of course they get creative and come up with green solutions to pollution.

(5) Education. Teach these children something, please!

(6) Immigration?

(7) Restore Civil Rights, Grant new civil rights and restore the "Rule of Law". Broad, I know but this includes things like:
Patriot Act repeal, Military Commissions Act repeal, Dept of Homeland Security dismantled, FISA Court Authority restored, VA Healthcare fully funded, Electronic-Voting paper backup required, Congressional War Powers authority restored, Presidential Signing Statements eliminated by statute, Military Forces fully-equipped/trained restored, Elimination of “stop loss” orders, Restoration on NatlGuard deployment rules, Restoration of state Governor’s control of NatlGuard, Restoration of U.S. legal fidelity to Geneva Accords, Restoration of Congressional oversight of Executive Branch, A “True” Balanced Budget, Iraq War brought into Budget, Limiting Presidential ‘Executive Order’ power by statute, banning torture, GAY RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, etc.

(8) Prosecute the Bush Administration. Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez. War crimes, Treason and more treason! Prosecute. Prosecute Prosecute!

Okay, that's a lot for now. If you think of anything, let me know.

Israel and Hamas. . .

Well, I'm sure all of you have heard about the current war between Israel and Hamas. Though, calling it a war seems unfair since the distribution of weapons across that line is so disparate. Israel came out and said that the attacks were needed as Israel wants to live in Peace from attack from Hamas.

Hmmmm. Going to war to live in Peace? That sounds like extermination talk. Gross.

I'm not even going to try to pretend that I'm an expert in Israel/Palestinian relations. That's impossible. But I will say that, as Americans, we must stop letting our government send weapons to a country that provokes war throughout their region (look at Syria and Lebanon now) and must certainly separate our economies. (The price of Oil took a big leap this morning on midEast war news).

We all know that this hate is taught at an early age. Israelis and Palestinians hate each other but when asking newer generations, they don't seem to know why. By launching attacks like this, Israel is ensuring that this hatred will continue through upcoming generations. My question is this: If Hamas has been such bastards why has Israel not sought U.N. intervention in the matter...? why do they take it into their own hands to violently resolve the issue? and further more, why is Violence the way they solve the issue?

I've heard some interesting input into this issue...A comment today stated that Israel is trying to shore up its place on Obama's Repair List. That's interesting, no? Kill people and get support/repairs from the U.S.?


Either way, Peaceful Conflict Resolution is what both parties need to work on...but, it's always difficult.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Song...

Here's a new song! I hope you enjoy it! Go fight my prop 8 protestors!

Queer Rights Fight Song
Craig Rouskey, 2008

We have seen a great injustice perpetrated by the right
Their offenses give us fuel to continue our great fight
For the freedom to be married is our goal and it’s in sight!
Yes, Queer Rights can be won!

In Solidarity Forever
Solidarity Forever
Solidarity Forever
Queer Rights can be won

When the folks in California/ said yes to Proposition Eight
They banned our same-sex marriages out of ignorance and hate
Though we struggle we will rise and get religion out of state!
Queer Rights can be won!

We are citizens of this country we are taxed and contribute
To the workforce and economy we should have the right to choose
To adopt and care for Children trapped in a system in which they lose
Queer Rights can be won!

After Losing Matthew Shepard our community saw the light
We now seek hate crimes protection and will never cease to fight
To be safe in our communities whether fag or tranny or dyke!
Queer Rights can be won!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Violent Protest

Hello Community.

I've been hearing about this violent Protest in University City since Saturday on Fox News. I've listened to the Fox News Reporters consistently miss the point, so since this a Fox Exclusive, I am writing this blog to the Fox Reporters in an attempt to explain what they seemed to have missed,

"(KTVI - -- A violent protest in University City ends with several arrests. An estimated 30 to 50 people were on Delmar carrying signs and protesting an event in Greece a few weeks ago where a Greek policeman allegedly shot and killed a teenage boy."

Well, yes, the protest was in "Solidarity" with a teenage boy murdered by police in Greece. For the record, Solidarity is defined as "mutual support within a group"- this is a word that Randi Naughton had a huge problem understanding this morning. Randi, people act in Solidarity with other people when a crime has been committed, you have often seen this in the form of a vigil, but solidarity can manifest itself in other ways!

So, let's talk about this Solidarity event. The protesters used language, and civil disobedience to make a point. When asked to not block traffic, they did. They distributed literature on Fascism, excessive police brutality and wage slavery. (Fascism= distribution of power from the top to bottom- much like the political structure of the U.S.; wage slavery- working to support a system that doesn't support us- as evidenced in the bailouts).
They made a statement about overuse of Police force and without the police there, they wouldn't have succeeded.

That's right. The Aggressors (the police) acted with PHYSICAL violence against protestors who used language and literature. This is what the protestors were protesting against...overuse of police violence.

The real story headline here should have been something like "Police turn peaceful protest violent when confronted with literature detailing their abuse of power."

Now, I know you reporters are just told what to read and don't really do the thinking, but come on...get a conscience and report ACCURATE news. Please.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

If this is how they feel...

Okay, I watched an AWESOME video today about an Iraqi Reporter throwing shoes (count 'em..2 shoes) at George Dubya during a press conference. The video is hilarious- watching that idiot dodge shoes!! haahahah. However, if that is how an Iraqi reporter feels about Dubya, imagine how the American People feel...

Here's the Video

In fact, I say, that if you feel like Bush is an idiot...THROW YOUR SHOES AT HIM! But, remember to get them back since you KNOW we can't afford new ones!

Peace y'all!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Chicago 200...

Can I get some solidarity, please? There are 200 Electrical Workers that are occupying a factory in Chicago after being laid-off with 3-days notice (law required 60 days). They are demanding severance.

Show these United Electrical Workers some solidarity. If you're in Chicago, go to the Chicago Republic's Windows and Doors factory and show support.

The amazing thing about this is the incredible show of worker solidarity...putting power into the hands of the workers. That's what we need these days.

With all of the lay-offs going on in this country AFTER many of these institutions are receiving government bailouts is RIDICULOUS. In order to preserve ourselves we'll have to work together. You ready?

In peaceful struggle,


Finally Acknowledgement of Truth.

Okay, If you haven't noticed, Dubya has been going on tour acknowledging all of the lies he spread throughout his Presidency. Here is a transcript from a Charlie Gibson/Bush Interview. In it, he admits that Iraq had no WMDs before the war and that the reason we went was because Intelligence in Iraq was wrong. We, of course, all knew this was the case and spoke out against it. Unfortunately, those Bush-loving idiots out there didn't quite understand...Well, now even BUSH is setting the record straight.

Charlie Gibson: You've always said there are no do-overs as President, if you had one...

Dubya: The biggest regret of the presidency has to have been the Intelligence failure in Iraq.

Charlie Gibson: If the Intelligence had been right would there have been an Iraq war?

Dubya: If they had had Weapons of Mass Destruction would there have been a war? Absolutely.

Gibson: No, If you had known he didn't

Dubya: Oh, I see what you're sayin'. Uh, You know that's an interesting question, that is a do-over, that I can't do, it would be hard for me to speculate.

I'm glad some truth is coming out now. Let's keep it going.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh my god...

I'm sorry, I need to bitch about this for a minute.

Read this shit!

WASHINGTON – President Bush said Friday that the fight in Iraq has been longer and more costly than expected, but he defended the U.S.-led invasion, saying the world could not risk leaving Saddam Hussein's power unchecked.

Uh, first...Really? Longer and more costly? Who knew? I mean, there's no way we could have predicted that this war was a colossal waste of resources and time, right? Fuck my life!

Second- as far as "Checking Sadaam's power..." There is a HUGE difference between CHECKING POWER and HANGING A MAN!

Maybe we should "CHECK BUSH'S POWER" before he leaves office? Let's hang that fucker!

(side note- have you noticed how cooperative he's been now that he's leaving office?)


Monday, November 17, 2008


I had the wonderful opportunity stand up in my brother's wedding on Nov 14th. It was a great time. A nice, short ceremony followed by a limo bus ride to the reception and about 7 hours of drinking and happiness. It was an amazing time. However, as I stood there listening to the commitment my brother and his now 'wife' were able to make to each other in front of their peers, I felt a little, well...left out. I watched as the friends and family of this couple vowed to make sure they would support their relationship. That they would think of the couple and remember them in their prayers when times were tough. I heard the friends and family vow to be there to celebrate the milestones and accomplishments of the couple. Again, I couldn't help wishing I had the same rights.

I have been in a committed relationship longer than my (younger brother). Donnie and I have been together for 8 years now. We have gone through hard times, good times, long distance separations and have helped each other become better people. Why can't we have LEGAL acknowledgment of our relationship too?

I don't know, it seems to me that we should be encouraging love. It seems to me that we, as a nation, should be encouraging monogamy and commitment. It seems to me that if you want to protect marriage, then you should LET PEOPLE MARRY. Especially people that don't have a 60% divorce rate...

Everything about Proposition 8 in California is coming straight here...Straight to the Midwest. We have let a group of people, a CULT essentially- people who believe that Jesus had a lay over in America on his way to Heaven so he could plant some tablets for Joseph Smith to find. You know, which is more ridiculous....believing in that FUCKED UP STUPID STORY, or BELIEVING IN EQUAL RIGHTS?

And, more over, how can someone who believes in Jesus deny human rights for all. My people do NOT ask for RELIGIOUS MARRIAGE. MY PEOPLE ASK FOR SECULAR MARRIAGE, THE SAME SECULAR MARRIAGE THAT UNITES SO MANY HETERO COUPLES! Why should my people be denied this right? What makes Mormons- and other non-taxed institutions- think they can have a voice in the Government when they don't financially participate?!?!?!?!?!?

There was a huge debate over this issue in the Bush Administration- remember when preachers were evaluated by the IRS following Preaching about government in churches? Well, IRS best be taxing the fucking MORONS, I mean, Mormons for their VOICE in the PASSAGE OF PROP 8.

No Justice, No Peace...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Congrats and A Word on Change!

I'd just like to say Congratulations to all of the people of America. We've made a decision that will allow for some goodness to be done in the US. It has been SOOO long since I've felt Proud of this country. Really. I feel like we have the ability to effect some real change here. I feel hopeful.

I'd also like to say Congrats to the Real winner of this election...Levi Johnston. You don't think he's going to marry Bristol (Palin's Daughter) now that the election is over, do you?


Okay, a word on Change. I'm very glad everyone thinks Obama is going to bring change to this country. I am glad people think that by electing Obama we've removed Racism from the US...But I would like to warn you about thinking Racism is gone. While racism may have vanished from the Political Arena, it STILL exists in the Public increasing amounts. However, I think this too can change.

I'd also like to say that because of the work we did to get Obama elected (I canvassed, and worked the Polls) we've given ourselves the opportunity to create great change! The motto "Yes We Can, Si Se Puede" applies to the work that is yet to come, not to the election. So, change what we need to change using Obama as a conduit. A listening ear to our problems. A source of enacting the change we want to see.

Yes We Can, because we'll have a president that listens!

Good Luck President Obama, Good Luck Americans! We are going to make our country better!

Now, let's convince President Obama to help us create a Peace Loving Nation!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Electronic Voting Issue...

I worked the polls this morning in Webster Grove and there was some issues with the electronic machines- it seems a woman noticed her vote for Governor changed, she caught it before she submitted it, and came out and reported it to me (who was encouraging people to choose a paper ballot). I started informing people that this occurred while they shut down the machine (it helped my paper ballot argument). Turns out the people inside were encouraging people to select electronic ballots even with the issue!!!

We poll workers later saw a man go in with machine parts to repair the down machine- at many people's votes were screwed with?

I just hope this woman's case was the first and only case of electronic voting problems...though I doubt it since she arrived at 11am...and many people had used that machine before her- they probably just didn't catch it. I'm not saying the machine was tampered with to cheat, but it was faulty and needed to be shut down... I mean, the rest of the world uses paper ballots...WHY CAN'T WE USE IT AS A STANDARD?


I encourage you to write in with your issues!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Proposition A in Missouri. . .

Okay all, please go to Smart Voter and read about the Ammendments up for a vote on November 4th and find out more about your candidates!

By going there today, I read about Proposition A (which I though I would vote for based on the advertisements I've seen). Unfortunately, I will be voting against this's the Text:

Proposition A Revision of Statutes Relating to Casinos and Gambling 2008-035
Shall Missouri law be amended to:

* repeal the current individual maximum loss limit for gambling;
* prohibit any future loss limits;

* require identification to enter the gambling area only if necessary to establish that an individual is at least 21 years old;
* restrict the number of casinos to those already built or being built;
* increase the casino gambling tax from 20% to 21%;
* create a new specific education fund from gambling tax proceeds generated as a result of this measure called the "Schools First Elementary and Secondary Education Improvement Fund"; and
* require annual audits of this new fund?

State governmental entities will receive an estimated $105.1 to $130.0 million annually for elementary and secondary education, and $5.0 to $7.0 million annually for higher education, early childhood development, veterans, and other programs. Local governmental entities receiving gambling boat tax and fee revenues will receive an estimated $18.1 to $19.0 million annually.

It's a proposition in support of raping those with gambling Addictions. Fuck that! Also, why can't we fund education with OUR TAX DOLLARS? Isn't that where they're supposed to be going?


A word on bailouts and profit margins. . .

Watching the evening news tonight there were two stories one on the first ever Saint Louis Enterprise Rent-A-Car layoffs and the other on AT&T Layoffs. I started yelling and of course my partner was like "you ok?" haha.

SO, here's my question. . .

We have been bailing out banks so they can increase lending to people and companies, right??

Then why are people being laid off? It seems to me that these companies laying off employees should be able to meet their salary requirements by sales or by receiving lent funds, no? Also, why bailout banks if no one has a fucking job? Why bail out banks ad fuck the people?

This is bullshit. And believe me, there have been soooo many layoffs here in STL and around the world...

Why are we backing big business but not the people? Something doesn't seem right.

I suppose the issue is profit margins, no? I mean, if you have a profit of 20 Million dollars a year with 1000 employees, and then your profit could possible decrease to 10 Million, you can recover some of that by laying off half of your people, right?

I mean, that's 500 people that won't be able to afford your product and will definitely speak out against your company, but fuck them,'s all about the cash (I'm being sarcastic)!.

Oh shit this country is fucked up!

I think it's time to move to Seoul Korea...they need English teachers!

Money talk. . .

Well, today was an amazing day for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Today the Dow jumped 889.35 points to close at 9065.12. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 also did amazingly well, but why?

We all know that we are poor as hell. We all know that times are hard and that the global economy is headed toward a huge recession. Why so well today?


My thought is that since the Fed is set to cut the Federal Funds Rate from 1.50% to 1.00% tomorrow, the Dow is pricing this in. Normally, when the Fed cuts rates the Dow goes up and the US Dollar goes down. However, the market usually reacts to such news a day or two in advance. For example, the Euro rose against the Dollar today to 1.27 from a 1.245 level. Why is the Euro strengthening? My feeling is that this is due to the possible rate cut tomorrow.

If the Fed cuts to a 1.00% level, the Euro (if not over-bought) should stay at the same level or decrease against the Dollar. If the Fed cuts below 1.00% (not predicted), the Euro will gain more strength against the Dollar. Why? well, simply, when interest is low in your country, no foreign investors want to put money into your country...They want a return on their investment!

So, if this Fed Cut is 1.00% tomorrow, look to see small moves in the DJIA. If the cut takes us below 1.00%, look for another rally in DJIA...that is, if investors are paying attention to details!

So, the unfortunate part about this rate cut is this...

When the Fed Cuts rates, the DOW increases, Commodity prices increase, but the Dollar...she weakens. That means as Wall Street takes profits from the Cut, we, the consumer, suffer. High commodity prices and a weak dollar = RECESSION...big time! (We had this back in February-April).

So, anyway, tomorrow should be interesting.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Hello all! I received a donation to the HEN Foundation was from Michelle Shocked!. Awesome!

In her honor and in the spirit of the (economic) times. . .I present you with Strawberry Jam by Michelle Shocked. Go buy her music!

Saturday morning found me itching
To get on over to my grandma's kitchen
Where the sweetest little berries was cooking up right
And then we'd put them in a canning jar and seal them up tight

We were making jam
Strawberry jam
If you want the best jam
You've gotta make your own

We have Smucker's, Welches, Knotts Berry Farm
But a little homemade jam never did a body no harm
A little local motion is all that we need
To close down these corporate jam factories

We have a little revolution sweeping the land
Once more everybody's making homemade jam
So call your friends up on the telephone
Invite 'em over, make some jam of your own

Amazing! Thanks Michelle!

A word on Experience

So, I'm sure you have all seen that ad against Obama...the TV ad that asks whether or not we would want the inexperienced, executive experience-lacking Obama to be sitting in that leather chair in the Oval Office.

Do you think that every President we've had has been experienced enough to be in the White House? I mean, Bush had executive experience but had NO IDEA what to do once he was in the White House. He was also tested in his first year as President, and failed miserably, no?

Do you think you have to have executive experience prior to being the president? I think out country is founded on the idea that ANYONE over the age of 35 can run for President- regardless of experience, or is that too constitutional to be considered?

How do executives become executives in our country? If you had to have executive experience to hold an executive position, we would NEVER change Governors, Senators, Presidents, etc. It is the ability to learn on the job and the level of education that is most important here.

I think Obama is a well-educated man with good ideas to help our country. Most importantly, I think Obama is willing TO LISTEN- to the people and to his advisors. I think he is WILLING TO LEARN! Anyone who thinks they know everything BEFORE they get into a new position (whether that's a scientific position, a political position, a construction position, a WalMart position or whatever) is an idiot and won't amount to much in their new job.

I wish McCain had a little humility. A willingness to say "I've never done this shit before, but I can learn." Isn't what we want our president to say? Obama can learn!

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's going to be a bumpy ride. . .

I woke up this morning and turned on CNBC to be shocked by what I's a recap...

Dow Jones Futures -550
Nasdaq Futures - 84.75
S&P Futures - 60

These are all trading at "Limit Down" levels- that means they have halted pre-opening lower limits...they can't get lower before the opening bell. Eeek!

It's important to note that if the Dow drops 1100 points before 2pm there will be a 1 hour trading stop; If it drops 1100 after 2pm, there's a 30min stop.

Also, to my amazement, the dollar fell 5.00 points against the Yen, rose $.0263 against the Euro (1 Euro= $1.2642, was at 1.2515) and the Pound fell to 1.5638 against the dollar (1GBP=$1.5638). That's insane considering the 1.5 month ago highs of $1.65 Euro and $2.03 GBP. Insanity!

Interesting in the commodities, Oil fell (after a 1.5million barrel a day production CUT by OPEC) and Gold fell briefly below $700/oz.

It's a crazy market today- though I have to say, it all seems barely representative of what the STL economy has been looking like since February 2008.

Good luck people!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rating Agencies...

Okay, I've been following this news today.

It seems that a congressional oversight committee is reviewing what seems to be bad ratings made by S&P. Of course bad ratings lead to false confidence and skews the market leading to false support of this 'house of cards.'

Officials performing S&P ratings have said things like "I hope we're all rich before this house of cards comes tumbling down" and "we'd rate deals compiled by a cow."

Turns out all of those complaints of citizens against Wall Street are COMPLETELY ACCURATE...Wall Street Fucked Us, and we bailed them out! And the fucked us with a forethought... Those bastards...


Reports today indicate that 27 states are in's Missouri's info (from The Dismal Scientist)...mind you, this Data is from August 2008. My Personal feeling is that Missouri has been in Recession since February.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Do you still blame The People?

I woke up this morning to continue my seemingly endless pursuit of a career and saw this article.

The article explains that Freddie Mac hired a Republican consulting firm to kill a bill (by influencing 13 Republican Senators) that would have called for more regulation of Banks and Wall Street. 

Fuck! And we just wrote a check to these fuckers!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Economic Data Today. . .

Here's a picture showing some of our country's fundamentals (data released 10-16-08)...Notice the unemployment claims (number of people filing for unemployment insurance for the first time last week). 

The fundamentals of our economy are strong- John McCain


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Largest Percentage Gains on the Dow...

Biggest Percentage Gains

March 15, 1933: 8.26 points, or 15.34 percent, to 62.10

Oct. 6, 1931: 12.86, or 14.87 percent, to 99.34

Oct. 30, 1929: 28.40, or 12.34 percent, to 258.47

Sept. 21, 1932: 7.67, or 11.36 percent, to 75.16

Oct. 13, 2008: 936.42, or 11.08 percent, to 9,387.61

Oct. 21, 1987: 186.84, or 10.15 percent, to 2,027.85

Aug. 3, 1932: 5.06, or 9.52 percent, to 57.22

Feb. 11, 1932: 6.80, or 9.47 percent, to 78.60

Nov. 14, 1929: 18.59, or 9.36 percent, to 217.28

Dec. 18, 1931: 6.90, or 9.35 percent, to 80.69.

8 out of 10 of the largest percentage gains were during the Great Depression!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A note on the economy. . .

Our former Fed-Chair NOW says we've entered into a recession! Hmm, I've been in recession for a long ass time!

I spend a lot of time watching CNBC, I trade Forex and have done so for quite some time now. I have to say that I am really worried about this economic situation. First, let me say that I was opposed to the bailout- $700 Billion to bail out banks when our economy is super-crappy? Come on, really?

After approving the bailout, Wall Street had a REALLY bad week closing on Friday around 8400 (after dipping down into the 7600 range for a minute). That's scary! So, what did our Federal Reserve do? They cut interest rates (yet again!) 0.5% to 1.5%. Okay. They also created an institution to buy up debt of banks to increase liquidity in lending. Hmmm. Okay. They've also announced today measures to spend $250 Billion dollars in capital injection into the banks, and have increased the FDIC account limit to $250,000 (just shy of meeting inflation requirements since FDIC incorporation post-Great Depression).

Okay. So, after the stock market sorta-crashed last week, on Monday, the stock market rose 936 points (an all-time one-day POINT increase record). Awesome. But what does that mean for us? Mental Note- 6 out of 10 of the LARGEST percentage gains happened DURING the Great Depression.

(1) Commodities will increase- oil for example, that was down to $76/barrel and gas at $3/gallon will go back up (an has started to do so- even with low demand). Natural Gas, Copper, wheat, etc...will continue to increase! awesome for our pocket books in the short term!

(2) The value of the US dollar will decrease against major currencies like the Euro (especially when oil goes up) make YOUR dollar unable to go as far as it once did. The dollar may look strong now, but let me say the only reason our Dollar is doing well against the Euro now (1.36 Euro= 1 dollar) is because Europe's economy sucks too.

(3) Our individual tax-debt will continue to go up...the cost per hosuehold is now $483,000 for the national debt plus this bailout.

(4) The bailout allows Wall Street to Sell into Rallies...that is when the Dow increases, Traders sell to make a profit on their way out...That will start happening this week (and definitely happened last week...)

So, inflation increases, your dollar doesn't go far, your personal debt goes up and let's not forget that EVEN WITH THE BAILOUT unemployment is INCREASING and the HOUSING CRISIS is not being resolved...That's right, capital injections to increase liquidity do not erase bad housing debt...

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me...Bail out the banks by stealing from the poor...

Something is wrong here...

I hope if someone out there has a better understanding of this economic situation they will share it with me...I really don't see how this economic plan RESOLVES any issues...I see it as (ANOTHER) bandaid...just covering up the problem...

And now our government is considering another STIMULUS package for us? As if giving us $600, and another $1000 will make us forget that you just made us give $2500 to banks?!?!

The unfortunate thing here is that I don't have any solutions...I see letting the economy fall apart as the 'smartest' long-term option...It keeps the power on OUR side (the People's side), and though it will hurt, it provides us with the opportunity to re-build...

Solving a credit crisis by allowing bad banks to give out more bad credit is NOT a's FUBAR!

Good luck to everyone!


P.S. the Dow just turned Negative again!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gas. . .

I have a question...maybe someone can answer this for me...

When I moved back to the US in early 2008, gas was $2.25/gallon or around $90.00/barrel.
When oil went up to $140.00/barrel, gas was $4.25...

Why then, when oil is around $88.00/barrel (this week) is gas still $3.50?

Inflation? Oil companies selling off their "expensive" oil before they start buying the cheap stuff?

If our reserves were low, the futures would be going up (and the USD value would be going down compared to the Euro)...why is gas still so damn expensive?

Maybe we're just used to the prices now?


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Speaking Engagement

I will be presenting a talk at the University of St. Francis on Single Issue Politics and my evolution from political cheerleader to should be interesting.

The University of St. Francis is located in Joliet, IL.

Vice Presidential Debate Night. . .

Hello my fellow St. Louisans...

Today is a (another?) sad day for the People of our Country. Tonight, at 5pm, I went to a Rally and March to the gates of the VP Debate at Washington University in St. Louis. We met at Northmoor park, set amongst the mansions whose owners WERE invited to the debate. Standing in that park, surrounded by wealth, we, the people, heard from several of our brothers and sisters: a man whose daughter was raped and murdered by the US Military in Iraq- while serving her country; a representative from the School Board with no access to money to educate; a woman who lost her home (foreclosure!), and a woman struggling with cancer who had no healthcare.

We met at Northmoor to organize the march  up the street to the barricaded debate. A debate in which our voices should have been heard. We did this because we, as Americans, wanted to inject some DEBATE (over REAL issues) into the theatrical spectacle that will occur shortly (8pm-CST). We were denied entry into the debate. The people who had real issues with government were DENIED entry into a debate. The voice OF THE PEOPLE was rejected from the debate. 

Our country is in a sad state my friends. Our government, held hostage by greedy bankers, will soon be passing a bill that bail's out executives who have raped our brothers, sisters, neighbors, families, and friends. The disparity between the rich and poor is growing stronger every day. The rights that were once promised to us all- the pursuit of Happiness, Life, Liberty-  are all being sold. Our voices are muted. Our consciences silenced by those that are meant to act based on our collective conscience. Our government is too strong, my people. Our government is too large. We have no education. We have no healthcare. We have no homes. We have no money. What will they take next? Our voices? Our will? Our Humanity? No. No. No.

My people, our voices must be heard. Not through voting. Voting selects a leader that will continue to propagate a government that represses us. Our voices will be heard through civil disobedience.

From today, I vow the following:

No longer will I be standing on the sidelines watching as my life is sold.
No longer will I silence my conscience in hopes that my representatives in Congress will speak for me. 
No longer will I fund war, torture, bad business, and repression.
No longer will I participate in a government that doesn't recognize me as a citizen- deserving equal rights and access to benefits.

My people, I am infuriated, but in my anger I've found direction. I've found my conscience.  I've found the voice that I know resonates within all of you. Look within yourselves and act based on your conscience. Let us move forward in solidarity and take back our country.

In struggle and hope,


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Canvass. . .

Today I spent the day canvassing for Obama in the 8th ward. Truthfully, it was more of a 'register to vote' thing than an Obama-education thing, but it was an interesting experience. I ran into an angry Republican who talked about how Clinton screwed the country with legislation that gave him the right to deploy troops within the US without notifying congress...


I believe Bush did that!.

Then he went off about Trade and said "Fuck those liberals, I'm voting for McCain!" My response went something like: "Trade? You realize that voting for McCain will not stop the race to the bottom economics that is free trade while Barack wants an instant moratorium placed on free trade?!?!"

He shut his door!

I then walked down the street and met an awesome law student who is doing really awesome work and found we had a lot to talk about in the way of politics and activism. 

This was the eye opener I needed!

Since I've been back in St. Louis (February), I haven't been participating in my community. I've been spending time with friends, working on the HEN Foundation and working to earn some green, but really, I lost touch with my community. Today, I re-realized the importance of participation. I RE-REALIZED the importance of community and KNOWING THY NEIGHBOR! I RE-REALIZED the difference one person in a community can make. I can't believe I forgot (okay, I took like a 5 month hiatus) how important it all is. But, I'm glad to be back on track!

After all was said and done, my companera and I registered three voters (regardless of who they said they wanted to vote for) and I was able to understand my neighborhood a little more. From the Kenyans now able to vote for the first time, to the Yugoslavian woman with an awesome garden and a passion for memorizing things, to the spoiled young, white, straight boys who were unwilling to consider voting because they were too focused on consuming as much as they could, I understand my neighbors, I understand my neighborhood.



Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hey Folks...

Wow, it has been sooo long since I've written on this blog. Sorry for neglecting and "Thank YOU" to those who noticed my absence!

So, I've been really busy- working on The HEN Foundation (GO MAKE A DONATION!) and trying to piece back my life after returning to the US. I've been working for the devil (science job in STL, you figure it out) and have recently decided to ditch science all together and go for non-profit/music/activism as a career- full force. It's been a stressful 2008! I've been reminded of that folk song quite a bit lately...

Hey Ho, Nobody Home
No meat, no drink
Money, I've got none.

But Still I may be Merry!

I'm poor as hell, busting my ass, but you know what, I've never been happier!

In peace!


Friday, January 11, 2008

Kucinich and New Hampshire. . .

As many of you know, the drama of the upcoming election is continuing to grow. The latest development is that Kucinich wants a recount (completely legal, though a little pricey) of the N.H. Primary. Nice! I hope Diebold isn't already starting their shit!

Why are we still using these machines for voting? Why are more Americans not pissed off about the way their RIGHT to vote is being exploited. There is a lot at stake with this election people. Let's make sure it is fair and accurate!

"Only 20% of New Hampshire's primary ballots were counted by hand. The
other 80% were counted exclusively by Diebold machines. Obama secured
his predicted lead on the hand-counted ballots, but Diebold-counted
ballots ended up giving the lead to Hillary. Stalin once said, "The
people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the
votes decide everything." Or was it John Kerry who said that after he
conceded the 2004 election? Well whoever said it, it's Kucinich who has
had the courage above his slighted contenders to request that the New
Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner recount Tuesday's


Oh, Snap!

So, it's all over the news here in Amsterdam. Apparently, the FBI got handed its ass from the phone companies!

I guess the FBI is having a bad time making ends meet. They can't pay their phone bills! Because of this, the phone companies have "cut their service."

And we thought that our government was scary?

At least now we know who is really in control!

You can fuck with the CIA or FBI, but don't you DARE fuck with AT&T.

Pay your bills!

Monday, January 7, 2008


I watched a CNN news report today (Monday) that said late Saturday night the U.S. Navy and Iranian warships had a conflict in the Strait of Hormuz.

Is this the beginning of the war with Iran? Why are we only hearing about this conflict on Monday morning? Damn! Damn Damn!

The news is changing. . .It went from being a 'conflict' to Iranians saying to US Navy "You will explode" to there being "no conflict" where Iranian ships returned to port.


The story can be found here.

My problem is, of course, none of the 'sources' of information could be identified. How is that possible? What kind of reporting doesn't ask "who are you and why are you telling me this story?" Ick!

We've got to be vigilant y'all. Another war? Hell no! Piss poor reporting? HELL NO!

Vigilance is the name of the game in 2008!