Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Proposition A in Missouri. . .

Okay all, please go to Smart Voter and read about the Ammendments up for a vote on November 4th and find out more about your candidates!

By going there today, I read about Proposition A (which I though I would vote for based on the advertisements I've seen). Unfortunately, I will be voting against this Proposition...here's the Text:

Proposition A Revision of Statutes Relating to Casinos and Gambling 2008-035
Shall Missouri law be amended to:

* repeal the current individual maximum loss limit for gambling;
* prohibit any future loss limits;

* require identification to enter the gambling area only if necessary to establish that an individual is at least 21 years old;
* restrict the number of casinos to those already built or being built;
* increase the casino gambling tax from 20% to 21%;
* create a new specific education fund from gambling tax proceeds generated as a result of this measure called the "Schools First Elementary and Secondary Education Improvement Fund"; and
* require annual audits of this new fund?

State governmental entities will receive an estimated $105.1 to $130.0 million annually for elementary and secondary education, and $5.0 to $7.0 million annually for higher education, early childhood development, veterans, and other programs. Local governmental entities receiving gambling boat tax and fee revenues will receive an estimated $18.1 to $19.0 million annually.

It's a proposition in support of raping those with gambling Addictions. Fuck that! Also, why can't we fund education with OUR TAX DOLLARS? Isn't that where they're supposed to be going?



Burr Deming said...

I find dubious the idea that gamblers are attracted by the prospect of losing really large amounts. I am impressed by what, from my perspective, have been arguments for Prop A that have been less than completely honest.

Sarah said...

I saw the name of your blog, squealed in delight, and now I'm hooked. :) Look forward to reading more!