Monday, October 27, 2008

A word on Experience

So, I'm sure you have all seen that ad against Obama...the TV ad that asks whether or not we would want the inexperienced, executive experience-lacking Obama to be sitting in that leather chair in the Oval Office.

Do you think that every President we've had has been experienced enough to be in the White House? I mean, Bush had executive experience but had NO IDEA what to do once he was in the White House. He was also tested in his first year as President, and failed miserably, no?

Do you think you have to have executive experience prior to being the president? I think out country is founded on the idea that ANYONE over the age of 35 can run for President- regardless of experience, or is that too constitutional to be considered?

How do executives become executives in our country? If you had to have executive experience to hold an executive position, we would NEVER change Governors, Senators, Presidents, etc. It is the ability to learn on the job and the level of education that is most important here.

I think Obama is a well-educated man with good ideas to help our country. Most importantly, I think Obama is willing TO LISTEN- to the people and to his advisors. I think he is WILLING TO LEARN! Anyone who thinks they know everything BEFORE they get into a new position (whether that's a scientific position, a political position, a construction position, a WalMart position or whatever) is an idiot and won't amount to much in their new job.

I wish McCain had a little humility. A willingness to say "I've never done this shit before, but I can learn." Isn't what we want our president to say? Obama can learn!

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