Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate Night. . .

Hello my fellow St. Louisans...

Today is a (another?) sad day for the People of our Country. Tonight, at 5pm, I went to a Rally and March to the gates of the VP Debate at Washington University in St. Louis. We met at Northmoor park, set amongst the mansions whose owners WERE invited to the debate. Standing in that park, surrounded by wealth, we, the people, heard from several of our brothers and sisters: a man whose daughter was raped and murdered by the US Military in Iraq- while serving her country; a representative from the School Board with no access to money to educate; a woman who lost her home (foreclosure!), and a woman struggling with cancer who had no healthcare.

We met at Northmoor to organize the march  up the street to the barricaded debate. A debate in which our voices should have been heard. We did this because we, as Americans, wanted to inject some DEBATE (over REAL issues) into the theatrical spectacle that will occur shortly (8pm-CST). We were denied entry into the debate. The people who had real issues with government were DENIED entry into a debate. The voice OF THE PEOPLE was rejected from the debate. 

Our country is in a sad state my friends. Our government, held hostage by greedy bankers, will soon be passing a bill that bail's out executives who have raped our brothers, sisters, neighbors, families, and friends. The disparity between the rich and poor is growing stronger every day. The rights that were once promised to us all- the pursuit of Happiness, Life, Liberty-  are all being sold. Our voices are muted. Our consciences silenced by those that are meant to act based on our collective conscience. Our government is too strong, my people. Our government is too large. We have no education. We have no healthcare. We have no homes. We have no money. What will they take next? Our voices? Our will? Our Humanity? No. No. No.

My people, our voices must be heard. Not through voting. Voting selects a leader that will continue to propagate a government that represses us. Our voices will be heard through civil disobedience.

From today, I vow the following:

No longer will I be standing on the sidelines watching as my life is sold.
No longer will I silence my conscience in hopes that my representatives in Congress will speak for me. 
No longer will I fund war, torture, bad business, and repression.
No longer will I participate in a government that doesn't recognize me as a citizen- deserving equal rights and access to benefits.

My people, I am infuriated, but in my anger I've found direction. I've found my conscience.  I've found the voice that I know resonates within all of you. Look within yourselves and act based on your conscience. Let us move forward in solidarity and take back our country.

In struggle and hope,


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