Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A word on bailouts and profit margins. . .

Watching the evening news tonight there were two stories one on the first ever Saint Louis Enterprise Rent-A-Car layoffs and the other on AT&T Layoffs. I started yelling and of course my partner was like "you ok?" haha.

SO, here's my question. . .

We have been bailing out banks so they can increase lending to people and companies, right??

Then why are people being laid off? It seems to me that these companies laying off employees should be able to meet their salary requirements by sales or by receiving lent funds, no? Also, why bailout banks if no one has a fucking job? Why bail out banks ad fuck the people?

This is bullshit. And believe me, there have been soooo many layoffs here in STL and around the world...

Why are we backing big business but not the people? Something doesn't seem right.

I suppose the issue is profit margins, no? I mean, if you have a profit of 20 Million dollars a year with 1000 employees, and then your profit could possible decrease to 10 Million, you can recover some of that by laying off half of your people, right?

I mean, that's 500 people that won't be able to afford your product and will definitely speak out against your company, but fuck them, right...it's all about the cash (I'm being sarcastic)!.

Oh shit this country is fucked up!

I think it's time to move to Seoul Korea...they need English teachers!

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