Monday, December 29, 2008

Obama's Repair List (Part I)

Leading up to Obama's Inauguration, I decided to put together what I think is Obama's Repair List (in priority order)...I'll update this regularly as needed...your input also helps!

To Do:

(1) The Economy. I'd like to see some long-term repairs here, but Obama is just going to put some gum on the hole in the leaky pipe that is the Economy. Borrowing another $850B to fix lending problems is stupid. Plain and Simple. Bailing out more companies that are going to fire workers isn't going to help. Also, creating infrastructure jobs is nice, but when you spend $750B + $850B ($1.6 trillion) to bail out asshole companies, there is very LITTLE to spend on INFRASTRUCTURE!

(2) Afghanistan/Iraq. Obama is going to refocus troops into Afghanistan (30,000-50,000 taken from Iraq and transplanted into Afghanistan). Ending the Iraq war would be awesome...but we'll always have a police presence there. As far as Afghanistan...don't be stupid Obama. Everyone knows Osama is in need to talk to Christiane Amanpour...NOW!

(3) Israel and Hamas. Not sure what Obama's stance is on Israel. I know that during the election, he was all about giving more support to Israel. But what about when they become a terrorist state, using EXCESSIVE force to wipe out a people that have just as much right to occupy space as they do...Hmmm. That's a tough one. Lebanon and Syria have also said they are no longer going to talk peacefully with Israel. These destabilizing actions should have Obama ready to chastise Israel...but that won't likely happen.

(4) The Environment. Obama is going to make companies vie for and buy the right to pollute. That is, carbon emissions will come with a price. Of course, this doesn't stop companies from polluting. The big companies will simply buy the rights to pollute from small companies and effectively drive these small companies out of business...unless of course they get creative and come up with green solutions to pollution.

(5) Education. Teach these children something, please!

(6) Immigration?

(7) Restore Civil Rights, Grant new civil rights and restore the "Rule of Law". Broad, I know but this includes things like:
Patriot Act repeal, Military Commissions Act repeal, Dept of Homeland Security dismantled, FISA Court Authority restored, VA Healthcare fully funded, Electronic-Voting paper backup required, Congressional War Powers authority restored, Presidential Signing Statements eliminated by statute, Military Forces fully-equipped/trained restored, Elimination of “stop loss” orders, Restoration on NatlGuard deployment rules, Restoration of state Governor’s control of NatlGuard, Restoration of U.S. legal fidelity to Geneva Accords, Restoration of Congressional oversight of Executive Branch, A “True” Balanced Budget, Iraq War brought into Budget, Limiting Presidential ‘Executive Order’ power by statute, banning torture, GAY RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, etc.

(8) Prosecute the Bush Administration. Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez. War crimes, Treason and more treason! Prosecute. Prosecute Prosecute!

Okay, that's a lot for now. If you think of anything, let me know.

Israel and Hamas. . .

Well, I'm sure all of you have heard about the current war between Israel and Hamas. Though, calling it a war seems unfair since the distribution of weapons across that line is so disparate. Israel came out and said that the attacks were needed as Israel wants to live in Peace from attack from Hamas.

Hmmmm. Going to war to live in Peace? That sounds like extermination talk. Gross.

I'm not even going to try to pretend that I'm an expert in Israel/Palestinian relations. That's impossible. But I will say that, as Americans, we must stop letting our government send weapons to a country that provokes war throughout their region (look at Syria and Lebanon now) and must certainly separate our economies. (The price of Oil took a big leap this morning on midEast war news).

We all know that this hate is taught at an early age. Israelis and Palestinians hate each other but when asking newer generations, they don't seem to know why. By launching attacks like this, Israel is ensuring that this hatred will continue through upcoming generations. My question is this: If Hamas has been such bastards why has Israel not sought U.N. intervention in the matter...? why do they take it into their own hands to violently resolve the issue? and further more, why is Violence the way they solve the issue?

I've heard some interesting input into this issue...A comment today stated that Israel is trying to shore up its place on Obama's Repair List. That's interesting, no? Kill people and get support/repairs from the U.S.?


Either way, Peaceful Conflict Resolution is what both parties need to work on...but, it's always difficult.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Song...

Here's a new song! I hope you enjoy it! Go fight my prop 8 protestors!

Queer Rights Fight Song
Craig Rouskey, 2008

We have seen a great injustice perpetrated by the right
Their offenses give us fuel to continue our great fight
For the freedom to be married is our goal and it’s in sight!
Yes, Queer Rights can be won!

In Solidarity Forever
Solidarity Forever
Solidarity Forever
Queer Rights can be won

When the folks in California/ said yes to Proposition Eight
They banned our same-sex marriages out of ignorance and hate
Though we struggle we will rise and get religion out of state!
Queer Rights can be won!

We are citizens of this country we are taxed and contribute
To the workforce and economy we should have the right to choose
To adopt and care for Children trapped in a system in which they lose
Queer Rights can be won!

After Losing Matthew Shepard our community saw the light
We now seek hate crimes protection and will never cease to fight
To be safe in our communities whether fag or tranny or dyke!
Queer Rights can be won!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Violent Protest

Hello Community.

I've been hearing about this violent Protest in University City since Saturday on Fox News. I've listened to the Fox News Reporters consistently miss the point, so since this a Fox Exclusive, I am writing this blog to the Fox Reporters in an attempt to explain what they seemed to have missed,

"(KTVI - -- A violent protest in University City ends with several arrests. An estimated 30 to 50 people were on Delmar carrying signs and protesting an event in Greece a few weeks ago where a Greek policeman allegedly shot and killed a teenage boy."

Well, yes, the protest was in "Solidarity" with a teenage boy murdered by police in Greece. For the record, Solidarity is defined as "mutual support within a group"- this is a word that Randi Naughton had a huge problem understanding this morning. Randi, people act in Solidarity with other people when a crime has been committed, you have often seen this in the form of a vigil, but solidarity can manifest itself in other ways!

So, let's talk about this Solidarity event. The protesters used language, and civil disobedience to make a point. When asked to not block traffic, they did. They distributed literature on Fascism, excessive police brutality and wage slavery. (Fascism= distribution of power from the top to bottom- much like the political structure of the U.S.; wage slavery- working to support a system that doesn't support us- as evidenced in the bailouts).
They made a statement about overuse of Police force and without the police there, they wouldn't have succeeded.

That's right. The Aggressors (the police) acted with PHYSICAL violence against protestors who used language and literature. This is what the protestors were protesting against...overuse of police violence.

The real story headline here should have been something like "Police turn peaceful protest violent when confronted with literature detailing their abuse of power."

Now, I know you reporters are just told what to read and don't really do the thinking, but come on...get a conscience and report ACCURATE news. Please.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

If this is how they feel...

Okay, I watched an AWESOME video today about an Iraqi Reporter throwing shoes (count 'em..2 shoes) at George Dubya during a press conference. The video is hilarious- watching that idiot dodge shoes!! haahahah. However, if that is how an Iraqi reporter feels about Dubya, imagine how the American People feel...

Here's the Video

In fact, I say, that if you feel like Bush is an idiot...THROW YOUR SHOES AT HIM! But, remember to get them back since you KNOW we can't afford new ones!

Peace y'all!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Chicago 200...

Can I get some solidarity, please? There are 200 Electrical Workers that are occupying a factory in Chicago after being laid-off with 3-days notice (law required 60 days). They are demanding severance.

Show these United Electrical Workers some solidarity. If you're in Chicago, go to the Chicago Republic's Windows and Doors factory and show support.

The amazing thing about this is the incredible show of worker solidarity...putting power into the hands of the workers. That's what we need these days.

With all of the lay-offs going on in this country AFTER many of these institutions are receiving government bailouts is RIDICULOUS. In order to preserve ourselves we'll have to work together. You ready?

In peaceful struggle,


Finally Acknowledgement of Truth.

Okay, If you haven't noticed, Dubya has been going on tour acknowledging all of the lies he spread throughout his Presidency. Here is a transcript from a Charlie Gibson/Bush Interview. In it, he admits that Iraq had no WMDs before the war and that the reason we went was because Intelligence in Iraq was wrong. We, of course, all knew this was the case and spoke out against it. Unfortunately, those Bush-loving idiots out there didn't quite understand...Well, now even BUSH is setting the record straight.

Charlie Gibson: You've always said there are no do-overs as President, if you had one...

Dubya: The biggest regret of the presidency has to have been the Intelligence failure in Iraq.

Charlie Gibson: If the Intelligence had been right would there have been an Iraq war?

Dubya: If they had had Weapons of Mass Destruction would there have been a war? Absolutely.

Gibson: No, If you had known he didn't

Dubya: Oh, I see what you're sayin'. Uh, You know that's an interesting question, that is a do-over, that I can't do, it would be hard for me to speculate.

I'm glad some truth is coming out now. Let's keep it going.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh my god...

I'm sorry, I need to bitch about this for a minute.

Read this shit!

WASHINGTON – President Bush said Friday that the fight in Iraq has been longer and more costly than expected, but he defended the U.S.-led invasion, saying the world could not risk leaving Saddam Hussein's power unchecked.

Uh, first...Really? Longer and more costly? Who knew? I mean, there's no way we could have predicted that this war was a colossal waste of resources and time, right? Fuck my life!

Second- as far as "Checking Sadaam's power..." There is a HUGE difference between CHECKING POWER and HANGING A MAN!

Maybe we should "CHECK BUSH'S POWER" before he leaves office? Let's hang that fucker!

(side note- have you noticed how cooperative he's been now that he's leaving office?)