Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Song...

Here's a new song! I hope you enjoy it! Go fight my prop 8 protestors!

Queer Rights Fight Song
Craig Rouskey, 2008

We have seen a great injustice perpetrated by the right
Their offenses give us fuel to continue our great fight
For the freedom to be married is our goal and it’s in sight!
Yes, Queer Rights can be won!

In Solidarity Forever
Solidarity Forever
Solidarity Forever
Queer Rights can be won

When the folks in California/ said yes to Proposition Eight
They banned our same-sex marriages out of ignorance and hate
Though we struggle we will rise and get religion out of state!
Queer Rights can be won!

We are citizens of this country we are taxed and contribute
To the workforce and economy we should have the right to choose
To adopt and care for Children trapped in a system in which they lose
Queer Rights can be won!

After Losing Matthew Shepard our community saw the light
We now seek hate crimes protection and will never cease to fight
To be safe in our communities whether fag or tranny or dyke!
Queer Rights can be won!

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