Monday, December 22, 2008

Violent Protest

Hello Community.

I've been hearing about this violent Protest in University City since Saturday on Fox News. I've listened to the Fox News Reporters consistently miss the point, so since this a Fox Exclusive, I am writing this blog to the Fox Reporters in an attempt to explain what they seemed to have missed,

"(KTVI - -- A violent protest in University City ends with several arrests. An estimated 30 to 50 people were on Delmar carrying signs and protesting an event in Greece a few weeks ago where a Greek policeman allegedly shot and killed a teenage boy."

Well, yes, the protest was in "Solidarity" with a teenage boy murdered by police in Greece. For the record, Solidarity is defined as "mutual support within a group"- this is a word that Randi Naughton had a huge problem understanding this morning. Randi, people act in Solidarity with other people when a crime has been committed, you have often seen this in the form of a vigil, but solidarity can manifest itself in other ways!

So, let's talk about this Solidarity event. The protesters used language, and civil disobedience to make a point. When asked to not block traffic, they did. They distributed literature on Fascism, excessive police brutality and wage slavery. (Fascism= distribution of power from the top to bottom- much like the political structure of the U.S.; wage slavery- working to support a system that doesn't support us- as evidenced in the bailouts).
They made a statement about overuse of Police force and without the police there, they wouldn't have succeeded.

That's right. The Aggressors (the police) acted with PHYSICAL violence against protestors who used language and literature. This is what the protestors were protesting against...overuse of police violence.

The real story headline here should have been something like "Police turn peaceful protest violent when confronted with literature detailing their abuse of power."

Now, I know you reporters are just told what to read and don't really do the thinking, but come on...get a conscience and report ACCURATE news. Please.

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