Monday, December 29, 2008

Obama's Repair List (Part I)

Leading up to Obama's Inauguration, I decided to put together what I think is Obama's Repair List (in priority order)...I'll update this regularly as needed...your input also helps!

To Do:

(1) The Economy. I'd like to see some long-term repairs here, but Obama is just going to put some gum on the hole in the leaky pipe that is the Economy. Borrowing another $850B to fix lending problems is stupid. Plain and Simple. Bailing out more companies that are going to fire workers isn't going to help. Also, creating infrastructure jobs is nice, but when you spend $750B + $850B ($1.6 trillion) to bail out asshole companies, there is very LITTLE to spend on INFRASTRUCTURE!

(2) Afghanistan/Iraq. Obama is going to refocus troops into Afghanistan (30,000-50,000 taken from Iraq and transplanted into Afghanistan). Ending the Iraq war would be awesome...but we'll always have a police presence there. As far as Afghanistan...don't be stupid Obama. Everyone knows Osama is in need to talk to Christiane Amanpour...NOW!

(3) Israel and Hamas. Not sure what Obama's stance is on Israel. I know that during the election, he was all about giving more support to Israel. But what about when they become a terrorist state, using EXCESSIVE force to wipe out a people that have just as much right to occupy space as they do...Hmmm. That's a tough one. Lebanon and Syria have also said they are no longer going to talk peacefully with Israel. These destabilizing actions should have Obama ready to chastise Israel...but that won't likely happen.

(4) The Environment. Obama is going to make companies vie for and buy the right to pollute. That is, carbon emissions will come with a price. Of course, this doesn't stop companies from polluting. The big companies will simply buy the rights to pollute from small companies and effectively drive these small companies out of business...unless of course they get creative and come up with green solutions to pollution.

(5) Education. Teach these children something, please!

(6) Immigration?

(7) Restore Civil Rights, Grant new civil rights and restore the "Rule of Law". Broad, I know but this includes things like:
Patriot Act repeal, Military Commissions Act repeal, Dept of Homeland Security dismantled, FISA Court Authority restored, VA Healthcare fully funded, Electronic-Voting paper backup required, Congressional War Powers authority restored, Presidential Signing Statements eliminated by statute, Military Forces fully-equipped/trained restored, Elimination of “stop loss” orders, Restoration on NatlGuard deployment rules, Restoration of state Governor’s control of NatlGuard, Restoration of U.S. legal fidelity to Geneva Accords, Restoration of Congressional oversight of Executive Branch, A “True” Balanced Budget, Iraq War brought into Budget, Limiting Presidential ‘Executive Order’ power by statute, banning torture, GAY RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, etc.

(8) Prosecute the Bush Administration. Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez. War crimes, Treason and more treason! Prosecute. Prosecute Prosecute!

Okay, that's a lot for now. If you think of anything, let me know.


libhom said...

Obama needs to deal with his own homophobia as well, as evidenced by his absense of queer cabinet appointees and his involvement of Rick Warren in the inauguration.

Anonymous said...

I would like him to say "I apologize for venerating a virulent homophobe at the most closely watched moment in world history and thereby giving an aura of legitimacy to his belief that it is ok to murder LGBT people." I also want a pony, but that's not going to happen either.

I mean, one of his first official acts was to give Rick Warren the ultimate platform. Then he tried to hush the LGBT community up by hastily scheduling the gay bishop to pray at an inaugural sideshow, and sadly it was effective at shutting up the HRC (what a shock). After muzzling the "mainstream" (i.e., white affluent gay males) gay rights groups, his inaugural team made sure the Bishop's prayer wasn't even televised. Obama couldn't even be bothered to follow through with the pathetically inadequate effort to atone for Warren. You would think queer people would take the hint, but no. Obama merely puts up a website with a bunch of grandiose promises to be the gay messiah, and gay people across the country responded as though the holy spirit descended upon him like a dove before their very eyes.

PS- I take it you are in STL. I'm a doctoral student at Wash U. :)

Anonymous said...

If Human Rights are a priority for you, or if you think they should be for Obama, then Immigrant and Migrant rights should also resonate with you.

"Illegal" Immigration is institutionalized slavery that the establishment and the sick system we live in cannot live without.

Infuriated Faggot said...

Agreed. I think we need to destroy borders around the world. I think it's bullshit that the Government decides what metaphorical borders can be destroyed (trade barriers, etc) but allows physical borders to isolate and segregate. Tear down the fences and take the world, that's what I say.