Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally Acknowledgement of Truth.

Okay, If you haven't noticed, Dubya has been going on tour acknowledging all of the lies he spread throughout his Presidency. Here is a transcript from a Charlie Gibson/Bush Interview. In it, he admits that Iraq had no WMDs before the war and that the reason we went was because Intelligence in Iraq was wrong. We, of course, all knew this was the case and spoke out against it. Unfortunately, those Bush-loving idiots out there didn't quite understand...Well, now even BUSH is setting the record straight.

Charlie Gibson: You've always said there are no do-overs as President, if you had one...

Dubya: The biggest regret of the presidency has to have been the Intelligence failure in Iraq.

Charlie Gibson: If the Intelligence had been right would there have been an Iraq war?

Dubya: If they had had Weapons of Mass Destruction would there have been a war? Absolutely.

Gibson: No, If you had known he didn't

Dubya: Oh, I see what you're sayin'. Uh, You know that's an interesting question, that is a do-over, that I can't do, it would be hard for me to speculate.

I'm glad some truth is coming out now. Let's keep it going.

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