Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Electronic Voting Issue...

I worked the polls this morning in Webster Grove and there was some issues with the electronic machines- it seems a woman noticed her vote for Governor changed, she caught it before she submitted it, and came out and reported it to me (who was encouraging people to choose a paper ballot). I started informing people that this occurred while they shut down the machine (it helped my paper ballot argument). Turns out the people inside were encouraging people to select electronic ballots even with the issue!!!

We poll workers later saw a man go in with machine parts to repair the down machine- at 2pm...how many people's votes were screwed with?

I just hope this woman's case was the first and only case of electronic voting problems...though I doubt it since she arrived at 11am...and many people had used that machine before her- they probably just didn't catch it. I'm not saying the machine was tampered with to cheat, but it was faulty and needed to be shut down... I mean, the rest of the world uses paper ballots...WHY CAN'T WE USE IT AS A STANDARD?


I encourage you to write in with your issues!


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