Thursday, November 6, 2008

Congrats and A Word on Change!

I'd just like to say Congratulations to all of the people of America. We've made a decision that will allow for some goodness to be done in the US. It has been SOOO long since I've felt Proud of this country. Really. I feel like we have the ability to effect some real change here. I feel hopeful.

I'd also like to say Congrats to the Real winner of this election...Levi Johnston. You don't think he's going to marry Bristol (Palin's Daughter) now that the election is over, do you?


Okay, a word on Change. I'm very glad everyone thinks Obama is going to bring change to this country. I am glad people think that by electing Obama we've removed Racism from the US...But I would like to warn you about thinking Racism is gone. While racism may have vanished from the Political Arena, it STILL exists in the Public increasing amounts. However, I think this too can change.

I'd also like to say that because of the work we did to get Obama elected (I canvassed, and worked the Polls) we've given ourselves the opportunity to create great change! The motto "Yes We Can, Si Se Puede" applies to the work that is yet to come, not to the election. So, change what we need to change using Obama as a conduit. A listening ear to our problems. A source of enacting the change we want to see.

Yes We Can, because we'll have a president that listens!

Good Luck President Obama, Good Luck Americans! We are going to make our country better!

Now, let's convince President Obama to help us create a Peace Loving Nation!!

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