Monday, January 7, 2008


I watched a CNN news report today (Monday) that said late Saturday night the U.S. Navy and Iranian warships had a conflict in the Strait of Hormuz.

Is this the beginning of the war with Iran? Why are we only hearing about this conflict on Monday morning? Damn! Damn Damn!

The news is changing. . .It went from being a 'conflict' to Iranians saying to US Navy "You will explode" to there being "no conflict" where Iranian ships returned to port.


The story can be found here.

My problem is, of course, none of the 'sources' of information could be identified. How is that possible? What kind of reporting doesn't ask "who are you and why are you telling me this story?" Ick!

We've got to be vigilant y'all. Another war? Hell no! Piss poor reporting? HELL NO!

Vigilance is the name of the game in 2008!

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Feminist Gal said...

shit... this is scary stuff...