Friday, January 11, 2008

Kucinich and New Hampshire. . .

As many of you know, the drama of the upcoming election is continuing to grow. The latest development is that Kucinich wants a recount (completely legal, though a little pricey) of the N.H. Primary. Nice! I hope Diebold isn't already starting their shit!

Why are we still using these machines for voting? Why are more Americans not pissed off about the way their RIGHT to vote is being exploited. There is a lot at stake with this election people. Let's make sure it is fair and accurate!

"Only 20% of New Hampshire's primary ballots were counted by hand. The
other 80% were counted exclusively by Diebold machines. Obama secured
his predicted lead on the hand-counted ballots, but Diebold-counted
ballots ended up giving the lead to Hillary. Stalin once said, "The
people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the
votes decide everything." Or was it John Kerry who said that after he
conceded the 2004 election? Well whoever said it, it's Kucinich who has
had the courage above his slighted contenders to request that the New
Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner recount Tuesday's



Feminist Gal said...

Where've you been? Missing your posts!!! <3 fg

PhD in Yogurtry said...

i've been pissed and suspicious about voting machines since 2004 .. too many irregularities in florida and ohio. like you, i wonder why more people aren't up in arms. you'd think our congress persons would be more invested in a paper record, to save their own asses, if nothing else.