Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hey Folks...

Wow, it has been sooo long since I've written on this blog. Sorry for neglecting and "Thank YOU" to those who noticed my absence!

So, I've been really busy- working on The HEN Foundation (GO MAKE A DONATION!) and trying to piece back my life after returning to the US. I've been working for the devil (science job in STL, you figure it out) and have recently decided to ditch science all together and go for non-profit/music/activism as a career- full force. It's been a stressful 2008! I've been reminded of that folk song quite a bit lately...

Hey Ho, Nobody Home
No meat, no drink
Money, I've got none.

But Still I may be Merry!

I'm poor as hell, busting my ass, but you know what, I've never been happier!

In peace!


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