Monday, February 2, 2009

What I want from Obama. . .

Since Obama won the election there have been a lot of people expecting things to get better. Well, of course I would like to see Obama take care of issues that are near and dear to my heart. Here they are:

(1) Let unfair "free" trade agreements lapse. I mean really...race-to-the-bottom economics has screwed this country enough already, no?

(2) Repeal 2005 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy laws that prevent the middle class from getting their bailouts! If you are going to let companies reap the benefits of being U.S. citizens, you damn well better the rest of us do it too. Plus, Bankruptcy is a good thing when it comes to companies. They get to write down excessive debts and then go to the government for more cash.

(3) Have a "Baby Tax." If you breed, you pay more taxes. Period. You utilize more resources than the rest of us, you pay more taxes. And, if you give birth to a litter (like that woman who had 8 kids) and your community pays your way, the least you can do is declare those donations as taxable income. Right? Pay for your kids goddammit. Fuck.

Okay, that's it...for now. These are not unrealistic demands, no?


libhom said...

How dare you make reasonable policy proposals? What are you, some kind of subversive? Just give the bucks to the banksters and the preachers. That will make everything all better.

Infuriated Faggot said...

Hahaha. Someone has to make logical policy proposals. I spent the day writing to Obama, Reps and CNBC making my logical policy proposal. Really, CH 7 law needs to be based off a debt to income ration, not a median income. . .it only makes sense.

And really, tax them breeders!