Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Home Despot?

Lately, the strategy of many large consumer-hungry corporations is to wield power in a way that puts the people helping that corporation under its control. Whether it is the workers who do the labor yet suffer due to decisions made in the best interest of the corporation, or the consumers who have become unwilling slaves to the many corporations that have taken our place in the public and political arenas.

The latest example: Home Depot. Home Despot has laid off 950 slaves, I mean, workers, in an attempt to make a larger profit. Just in time for Christmas!

Mother fuckers!

Unfortunately y'all, this is Despotism.

Workers, we have to unionize. We have to make sure we are not treated as slaves and that we are given the respect we deserve as workers.

Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Let my people go!


Feminist Gal said...

Ey Ey HammerChe!
It's true about Home Depot, same with Walmart, Ford, lots of others, crazy corporations...
Although now, Walmart is "going green" which gives me a headache because i hate them, want to continue hating them, but love the environment... what's a gal to do?

Thanks for stoping by the blog :)

libhom said...

I've been calling it Home Despot for a couple of decades. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

feminist gal: Wal-mart still has a terrible record on the environment. They leave fertilzers out in the rain to pollute streams and rivers. Even worse, they ship products from around the globe instead of having them manufactured closer to home. This generates way too much CO2.