Monday, December 10, 2007

Picture and Lyrics of the Week (Week 2)

Okay, I found this picture on the web. Very Very Very Very Funny. It is freezing here in Amsterdam but unfortunately, we only get cold rain here. NO SNOW. I miss real winter and hope it gets better during the next few months. So, here's a big 'fuck you' to Amsterdam winter so far!

I want to make it very clear that I do view winter as a time to become introspective. A time to focus on the matters of the house. Getting closer to myself, getting closer to my partner, getting closer to my family, getting comfortable being inside and alone. Shutting down only to be reborn in Spring again with new energy. I imagine this is how the trees must feel. But imagine being a tree, wanting to have leaves, but not being able to. Being stuck in your shell waiting to bloom. How frustrating! Perhaps this is why people get depressed during winter...we turn all of our feeling inward too quickly and then after dealing with our shit, we get stuck there, waiting to re-open, bloom, what have you! That's a lot for us to handle all at once.

Anyway, here's to turning inwards and hopes of patience while waiting to bloom!

Paz, Salaam, Shalom!

Heaven and Earth Welcome Spring after a Long Winter from Clear Harmony.

After the longest night,
Memory of sunny days long gone,
Cold, frightened, lost...
One day, the Fa(1) is rectified.
One day, time to awaken.
Day finally breaks:
Turn towards the sun,
Open your eyes,
And welcome the dawn.

(1) Law and principles.

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