Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Iran and Knowledge. . .(Fascism part II)

Okay, my thoughts on the Iran situation.

Sure, Bush has been talking about Iran's nuclear program, a program that has not been active since 2003. He was all about working the American people up to go to war, yet AGAIN! Luckily, we have some semi-intelligent people working in intelligence. Whew. Conflict avoided.

However, I'd like to make some comments on Bush's latest speech in which he stated that "Iran is dangerous with the knowledge to produce nuclear weapons." Uh, knowledge? What? I thought we were worried about Iran having the TOOLS to produce nuclear weapons, weren't we?

Since the tools are not being used (since 2003- and remember, there was no intelligence suggesting they were producing WEAPONS- we have to go to controlling knowledge?

My question: Does the government of the U.S. think that it is so superior that it can regulate Knowledge?.

Sure, the US has been regulating the knowledge of it's own people (and that's wrong), but trying to go to war based on access to knowledge is fucked up. In fact, it's Bush's neo-demo-fascist bullshit!

Holy shit! People, we really gotta pay attention to our governments 84-esque Newspeak!

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