Monday, December 3, 2007

Picture and Lyrics of the Week (week 1)

Your Infuriated Faggot is starting a new tradition on his blog. A picture, song/poem to inspire the week! Enjoy this week's entry. Just in time to spend assloads of money making corporations richer...why? because as Americans the only way we can show love is by purchasing shit? I hope not.


By: Valerie Depriest and Gayle Gingrich!

Hearing how business is tough in America
How the union is out of hand
well I heard on the news today
about the latest threat to my pay
but there's one thing I just don't understand:

You say you can't afford our wages
So you turn your greedy eyes to distant shores

While patrols guard the border lines
I'm standing on a picket line
In corporate boardrooms plans are formed
to move my job to El Salvador
Where for fifty cents a day
A woman sweats her life away
and they tell me she's my enemy

At first I didn't have the time
to bother with the words oh no
it seemed so very far away
but now I'm in a worried mood
'cuz hands need work and kids need food
and I just got laid off today

They say it only makes good business
While their PROFITS swell up like some disease

While patrols guard the borderlines
I'm standing in an unemployment line
and somewhere in the Philippines
a mind grows dumb from stitching seams

Guatemalan hills are cash
a coffee picker's skull get smashed
and they tell me HE's my enemy?

I think I am finally putting it all together
borderlines don't hold their loyalty

They don't care who is the drone,
hand of yellow white black or brown,
profit is their only deity!

As corporate arms spread all around the world,
they'll strangle any weakness they can find:
from the mines in South Africa
to the fields of El Salvador
from the manquilladoras in Mexico
to the white slots in Tokyo

Sweat is Sweat and blood is blood
and one day soon the time will come
to stand face our common enemy!

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