Monday, November 12, 2007

Immigration Resolution: 4 steps

I have been giving this topic a lot of thought. I'm trying to put things together. Maybe you can all help me. This is the way I see the Current Immigration Situtaion.

First let me make sure that all of you know where to find the the Current Immigration Guidelines. These play a very interesting role in the current "US Immigration Crisis."

Now, let me say something right off the bat. I do NOT think that the "Minute Men" should be patrolling our borders with their inflated sense of pro-America ideology. If anything, all of you should know that I don't believe in borders. They are not natural and don't have a place in the world. Now, don't confuse my hatred for borders with the acceptance of globalization. Globalization, they way it is abused politically and economically is NO GOOD. I despise the evil trade-oriented globalization. Now, in terms of my Utopia, I think international co-mingling and exploration as derived through the destruction of borders would be fantastic. So, #1: No Borders; they are designed to separate and destroy inter-personal relationships and human understanding (Remember "Divide and Conquer?").

Of course, people get really scared and threatened when you talk about destroying their border lines. Perhaps people feel safer when borders are established. To them I say #2: "let go of your fear!" / You have nothing to fear but fear itself! The reason for war? (Other than Religion, Money and Greed?) Control of land. . . which can be linked to the three parenthetical items. Forget it. You can't own the land! Plus, it's not worth it. Unless of course you are a greedy, selfish asshole. No judgements, I just don't want any of your shit to get on me.

So, no borders; no fear of other people; I guess we should talk about jobs. Taco Bell, the evil and labor-abusive fast food chain has been hiring 'Illegal Immigrants' for years. They hire illegal migrant workers. The workers pick tomatoes, come payday, Taco Bell calls the INS...those ASSHOLES! Now, we are seeing this huge uprising against the Immigrant people (who again: HAVE BEEN DISPLACED BY U.S. AGRO-BUSINESS AND FREE TRADE) by Americans. The stupid people were NOT UPSET AT TACO BELL FOR HIRING THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS??? If they are so pissed off about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, why are they not boycotting Taco Bell with the rest of us?? So, #3: Don't misplace your anger on the immigrants. They do your dirty work. Take your anger out on the CORPORATIONS and OTHER RICH ASSHOLES that employ them. . . preferentially by boycotting their companies and forcing them out of international free trade agreements!

Also,#4 my fellow US-Americans, remember that Compassion thing I talked about...Try to use some!. Got it?

So, we have no borders, we have no fear of a different culture, we don't misplace our anger on the immigrants displaced by US foreign policy and we have compassion. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME.

Let's do this thing. Stop the minute men. Stop evil, people-displacing trade policies.


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