Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's Fascism Man! (part I)

I alluded to this article a couple of weeks ago. I have to tell you that the more I look at America from the view point of a 6-month expat the more I see that America is currently switching to fascist control. Sure, I wrote about this on the Progressive Puritan blog a couple of years ago, but now I have different eyes. My experiences of what real liberty and democracy look like are changing my views of America. . . for the worse. I see the narrowing of media, the abuse of power, the wealth disparity and the lack of education flooding America being used to continue the repression of a people that- if were a little less afraid of a government that should fear them- have the potential to rise above this nonsense!

With that said, are we ready?

Here it goes. . .

Media Control

My problem with media in the U.S. stems from the narrowing of control and the lack of diverse and dissenting voices in the Media. It scares me. We have one 'unified' voice on all channels and people think they're getting different, diverse and 'real' information? huh? Really, the corporations who own the stations (your stations) own the information and have the power.

For a better understanding of media-based control and the use of that control against the people of the US, read this.

Whether it is the internet, television news (local, national and international), or radio, the streamlining of media ownership is resulting in the formation of a common voice that can use or abuse information as they like. This is not the way to a 'free press.' This is not the way to assure we have information before we jump into wars. This is not the way to assure our liberty.

(side note. . .the FCC is currently dismantling the law that prevents one corporation from owning Newspaper, Television and Radio in a given locale. They are being sneaky about it (i.e. not giving people warning of the meetings, not advertising it) hoping that Americans won't raise their voices in support of a free press. The only Media outlet that covered this story is Democracy Now!. Check out their site for the story from two dissenting FCC commissioners.

Political Correctness

This subject goes hand-in-hand with media control, but I'd like to talk about it because of an experience I had in Chicago over Thanksgiving. I was watching "the Craft" with my Father on Friday. When it came to the part where the 3 bad witches start to fuck with the good witch and they use a 'glamour' to make her think that her family died in a PLANE CRASH, the scene was cut. Later at the end of the film, the phrase 'Plane Crash' was bleeped from the mouth of one of the bad witches.

Truth was slaughtered in the name of political correctness and political sensitivity. Really, this notion of political correctness is just a way to sensor free speech. Do I think people should speak without respect for others. . .NO. Do I think truth should be distorted in the name of what is politically correct? NO! Political Correctness is just another form of state sponsored control. Damn! And you thought you were being a good person!

(Side note. . . I was recently informed that movies made in the US- featuring the twin towers- are being remastered to remove the towers! IS THIS TRUE?? If so, it's crazy that Americans want to delete their History)


Your government can listen to the conversations of citizens to prevent uprisings in the name of Homeland Security (Hitler used the term "Heimat" for Homeland Security). Patriot Acts I/II and the involvement of national (soon to be multinational) companies in spying is creepy and violates the constitution. Spying on people, making illegal arrests and torturing people. . .hmmm, Fascism, Fascism, Fascism!


The Military Commisions Act of 2006 legalizes torture. It seems to me that allowing torture and allowing black sites for uncontrolled prisons (i.e. Abu Ghraib/ Guantanamo) is a step in the direction of fascism (in fact, Stalin and Hitler did this too).

With the power of torture, you can better control people. The scariest thing here is that the US has confirmed an Attorney General that denounces Waterboarding as torture (primarily because saying that it IS torture means he'd have to admit there are criminals in the white house). Uh, scary! Our government tortures people and won't stop when it comes to torturing us!!!

As I'm writing this, I'm becoming more and more convinced that America has already become Fascist. It's not in the process of becoming Fascist- it's already there! Americans are afraid of their government, and have therefore surrendered all power to that government. Now what?

Uncover the fascism spreading through our country like poison! Talk about it! Get ready to fight it!

Remember, "Your Silence Will Not Protect You!"

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