Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Party . . .

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in writing! I'm busy cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for my friends in Amsterdam and trying to stay healthy with this horrible weather!

So, here's a story. . . and kind of goes along with my feelings of Amsterdam at the moment (it's so time for me to go on vacation).

I worked at this party last weekend. . .



Okay, it wasn't a party. It was a hardcore techno trip to hell for me and my friend Ana.

We worked from 10:30pm Saturday night until 7am Sunday morning. Mmmhmmm. I sold T-shirts for the first half then switched to selling Ijsjes (popsicles).

How did I get myself into that situation?

Well, my friend Sandra works for the company that threw the party (she builds and strikes the 'set'). Which, by the way, looked really cool. Unfortunately the children at this event were so high on X that they couldn't enjoy (let alone remember) the decorations. Hmmm.

So, while selling shirts and stuff I had a good time. Danced a lot. Talked to some people. But when I switched to Ijsjes, it was all over. People were more ignorant (I think their drugs kicked in) and demanding. Not to seem like it was all bad, because really, I talked to some really cool people and had fun with Ana- even though we didn't get paid! hehe.

So, anyway, my issue isn't with the party but with the drugs and the desire to forget everything that is real in the name of having a good time. . .

Does that seem a little pathetic (zielig) to anyone besides me?

I like reality. I like knowing what's going on in the world. I like being a part of the world. I know that not everyone can think the way I do (bless their hearts) but, come on. . .someone. . . give me an A-MEN on being over that scene!!

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