Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When the Hen Crows, the State will fall!

Hey Everyone! The HEN Foundation website is up and running. . . click here.

Briefly, the HEN Foundation is an idea created by Jolie Rickman before dying of Ovarian Cancer in 2005. Briefly, the foundation was established to supply grants to artist activists and to link those artists/activists with a cause (from environment, peace to trade, etc). At the end of each year, a DVD is made detailing the experience of that years' HEN Artist/Activist. Work created by the HEN Artist is then produced and distributed, thus spreading the message of the activist group and helping the HEN Artist be an artist/activist.

Check out the site. And, soon, comrades, we'll need donations which shall be made available through a PayPal account. So, get ready to donate!

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