Monday, November 12, 2007

Learning a different language. . .

So, since I've been living in Amsterdam I've been trying to learn Dutch. It's a hard language but luckily it has similarities to English which make it easier to understand. As of late, I've been understanding a lot more and am even starting to speak it. The unfortunate part of learning Dutch, however, is that most of my friends here speak Spanish! So, I've been speaking a lot of Spanish as well. With all this studying and practicing of languages I got to thinking about what would happen if we all learned a different language. Not Spanish, Not Dutch, Not German, or Arabic. A different universal language. A different language. . .

I've also noticed that since I've been studying Dutch and practicing Spanish, I'm understanding more of my own language. Understanding where it came from, how it developed, its uses and its limitations. There are some expressions in Dutch that can exactly define how I feel better than English. But, really, what if everyone took the time to learn a different language. . .

I think I have a song for this. . .

A Different Language
By: Colleen Kattau

they're sending my boy to Bahrain
to start another war all over again (2x)
learn a different language.
they won't send their boy to Bahrain
their hand's in the oil and they're pulling the strings
they never send their boy to Bahrain
they're royal with the oil and they would be king.
their son sits in a velvet chair- comfortable he ain't going nowhere
my son doesn't have enough money
so they make him a killer for the land of the free
why don't we learn a different language?
that says:
we want peace in this land nuye du salaaem
we want peace in this land di la kibush
nuye du salaaem
now they want to send my girl to Bahrain
equality ties to that ball and that chain
but they'll never send my girl to Bahrain
not till their child goes and not even then
we're teaching her a different language
we're reaching him with a different language
that says
we want peace in this land
nuye du salaaem
peace, nuye du salaaem

A different language. . .a language of Peace. Only after we study this new language can we understand the limitations of our current language of violence and war.

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