Monday, November 5, 2007


Okay. I read this a couple of days ago and have to tell you that it really freaks me out. . . for several reasons!

For a person to not immediately condemn waterboarding as torture means a person thinks torture is okay. . .and there are people who think torture is Okay! And I thought Gonzales was bad?

Oh wait. . . do you know what waterboarding is?

Waterboarding is the act of strapping a person down to a board, covering their face with cloth and pouring water through the cloth into their lungs to simulate the act of drowning. Let op! This technique was reportedly first used in the Spanish inquisition.

So, the question. . .is waterboarding torture? For MuKasey, this is a difficult question. MuKasey believes that waterboarding may not be torture depending on the manner in which it is used.


This is a man who is so far up Bush's ass he can't see torture when it is systematically drowning him! And, we want him as Attorney General?

The thought of many is that MuKasey is protecting Bush and his cronies from being charged with war crimes. Torture is defined as a war crime and everyone up the ladder to the president involved in torture can be tried for a war crime (which would be a pity for the President to go out like this, since he and his buddies have done everything in their power to protect themselves against war crime charges (i.e. suspension of Habeus Corpus; Patriot Acts I/II).

Really, I want to know. . . what does this mean for the country?

The dawn of American-style Neo-Fascism?

Pause. . .

Add new 'blog' post entitled 'It's Fascism Man!

Continue. . .

I imagine dissidents of wars in America, activists against free-market economies, -dissidents, activists, people- being dragged from their homes after being suspected of terrorism and tortured like this. I imagine myself going through something like this.

That makes me scared, but my pride will not let me be afraid of my government.

The really shitty thing about torture is that it gets in the way of real Justice. For example, 80% of information used to convict Khalid Sheikh Mohammed- the supposed 9/11 mastermind- is unusable in court because of 'the means by which the information was obtained! That means, our governments torture tactics are actually interfering with the progress of justice!

Cringe. . ..

Fellow Americans, I need to tell you that no longer can you sit in silent support of your government. These tactics, the donation of 48% of your tax bill to military, the excessive use of force by the military and CIA are NOT FOR YOUR FREEDOM OR PEACE. Your government uses your money to torture and kill TO PROTECT THEMSELVES and one day, this FORCE SHALL BE USED UPON YOU.

Look at the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2007!

Shit is scary y'all! Time to rise up!

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