Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SOA Watch Protest II

So, I'm back from the States- back to my computer- and back to all things Dutch and annoying, and that's OK!

The SOA Watch protest was amazing. 25,000 people together to end torture-based education with our tax dollars. I'm still surprised more Americans aren't all up in this topic since the American rhetoric is all about stopping terrorism. Hmmm.

So, besides the personal aspects of the protest (i.e. seeing Colleen, Jacque, Sandy, etc.) and spending time with my boy (whom I miss horribly) I had a great experience.

Saturday, after a long flight (Thursday) into Chicago and drive (Friday) to Ft. Benning, Georgia we went to the Rally. Boring plenary (I've been going to this protest for nearly a decade now, I get it!), but really good music and spirit throughout the outdoor rally. It's always nice to be around people who share your beliefs, you know?

On Saturday night my boy and I led an illegal protest in the streets of downtown Columbus, Ga with some students from New Jersey! Nice! When the police came (after the under-cover police tried to instigate violence from within the crowd) I became mediator between police/legal collective and protesters. It was the first time I was in this position but I liked it. I mean, I nearly had a heart attack, but I liked it. I'm good at it too. Though, I have to say, there were some asshole cops in Georgia. Specifically, one overly-aggressive black cop who felt the need to poke a protester in the chest provoking violence. Luckily, the protesters took an oath to uphold the principles of non-violence.

Okay, so Saturday night was amazing. Sunday was also amazing. The funeral procession was amazing and, that I know of, 11 people were arrested for crossing onto the base. Three students were arrested for carrying crosses that didn't meet size requirements (ridiculous); you can see that video here.

The Saturday night rally videos can be seen here (also with a clip of me mediating!).

Okay, that's all for now!

Peace and Solidarity!

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